Customer Basement Flooding Q&A

Question: My home is at the bottom of a small hill, and whenever it rains the run-off from the rest of the neighborhood comes into my backyard and starts flooding my basement. I installed a drainage system 10 years ago, but it no longer seems to work.

– Robert Julien

Answer: To work properly, drainage systems of all types need to be kept free and clear so that water from sudden downpours or spring snow melts can flow through and away freely. Check to see if your system is clogged with leaves or other debris. Something as simple as a blockage in the pipe would allow water to build up in your backyard and make its way into your basement. You could start by trying to flush out the system with a garden hose. If this doesn’t work and the water doesn’t drain away, you may need to call in a professional drain company to clear it.

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