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See Why Even The Neatest Of Neat Freaks Are
Ecstatic About Our Cleanliness During Remodels

Cleanliness. Of course it’s always important to homeowners around our neck of the woods in Lancaster County, PA… but how important should it be to the contractors you hire to come in and transform your kitchen or basement?

After all, remodeling tends to be a rather dusty-dirty business!

Ever seen a property fenced off with a backhoe perched on a hill of dirt, commercial dumpster nearby, and a huge pile of rubble? It looks chaotic!

Whether we’re building a gorgeous new home addition from the ground up for you, Remodeling Your Bathroom, or bringing your dreams of a new deck to life… here at MBC Remodeling we argue cleanliness is CRITICAL.

Tidiness is a calling card of seasoned professionals in our industry; one thing that truly separates them from your average small-time crews. It’s how you know they’re the kind of passionate & methodical contractors that want to keep their local reputations intact (Learn More About Ours).

Not just their bottom line.

And let’s face it, ‘ remodeling contractors’ in general are infamously messy.

From sea to shining sea, just head online and browse a few hundred reviews from homeowners and here’s what you’ll find:

Roughly 8 of 10 directly mention cleanliness and the state of worksites throughout their home remodeling projects.”

Less experienced or volume-based contractors tend to create a giant heaping mess and then only get around to picking up and polishing after the project is finished. They send in their cleanup crews.

After decades in the business, at MBC Remodeling we’re downright OBSESSIVE about keeping our work areas and job sites as spotless and orderly as can possibly be.

We act like every homeowner is the kind of person who doesn’t want to see a part of their home looking like a tornado came through.

Example: A Basement Remodel For Homeowners Who Couldn’t Stand The Sight Of Dust

Check out this photograph we took of a finished project from our Basement Remodeling Gallery and ask yourself, how big of a mess do you think it was each day during the overall operation?

Note: The image isn’t the basement we’re talking about today, but it gives you an idea of all the sanding, drywall, wood, tools, etc., involved in creating an epic mancave out of an empty or just-filled-with-stuff basement.

It wasn’t much of a mess at all really. Not to us or the homeowners, but there are people who demand not a bit of dust. We’re talking about the kind of people who vacuum out their vacuum so it’s clean inside.

They wouldn’t stand for the usual little piles of dust or debris laying around during a major remodeling and construction project.

What Did We Do To Earn Their Nods Of Approval Each Day?

First and foremost, we spent more than adequate time prepping, preparing, and planning beforehand.

This is an important part of our home remodeling approach.

We got ready to spend time each day keeping our work area clean. This included lots of time sweeping and down on hands and knees scrubbing as we were finishing up each big chunk of progress.

What All Was Involved?

Because the basement was unfinished when we came into the picture, the project involved framing walls, drywall, new flooring, fixtures, a new bathroom with plumbing, doors, trimwork, painting…the works!

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Our goal was to make it feel fresh and new every day before we left. And frankly, it’s much nicer to arrive at a workspace like that than something dingy, dirty, sloppy, and haphazard.

And wouldn’t you know it, the homeowner and her family were MORE than pleased. Here’s the actual review they left us on our GuildQuality page:

As you can see, she perceived what we were doing as respectful and that’s definitely a part of it for us. It’s imperative that not just our results, but your EXPERIENCE working with us is impressive!

Bottom Line: We’re Your Local Go-To Remodeling Professionals

Here in Lancaster County, PA, the homeowners we work with know that not just our day-to-day worksite and work areas are clean and tidy, but so is our process.

From the first time you reach out to us, through to consultation and design, to demolition, and installation…you can expect a polished step-by-step experience you’ll enjoy. Go ahead, Contact Us today and let us know what your remodeling goals are. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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