Eliminate Clutter with a Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel

bathroom and kitchen remodeling Lancaster County

Do you find yourself constantly buried in clutter in your Pennsylvania home? Is it starting to cause anxiety the moment you step through the door? Clutter is one of the most significant causes of daily stress in individuals, and you could be falling victim to the excess of items spread through your living space. Your bathroom and kitchen are often the two biggest locations for piling items. It might be tempting to blame yourself for the clutter. However, limited and inefficient storage space is the real culprit. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Lancaster County could help you address this issue.

Kitchen Additions

While dreaming of beautiful tile and countertops, you do not want to ignore some of the smaller and perhaps more mundane ways you can Add to your cabinet space . Making use of smaller and typically unused areas is an important step. First, including small drawers under the sink can house small cleaning items, increasing ease of access and adding under the sink storage. Additionally, you can enhance the functionality of corner cabinets by installing shelving that automatically pulls out from the corner when opened. Adding narrow cabinetry around appliances can add storage for thin items or tall cleaning supplies. Finally, adding sliding drawers instead of flat shelving allows for easier access to and viewing of appliances.

Bathroom Additions

The Bathroom  is just as much of a problem as the kitchen and often comes with even more limited space. Utilizing the area above your vanity by installing pull down shelving can instantly add storage for those items that you use on a less regular basis. This frees under vanity space for items you need more frequently. Having organizational panels installed in wide drawers can also increase the availability of items preventing you from having to dig for daily necessities. Finally, shelves and cupboards can be installed in non-bearing walls that surround tubs and showers, utilizing space that would otherwise go to waste.

With the right additions you don’t have to live buried under a mess anymore. Start looking into bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Lancaster County to help you get started.

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