Explore How Our Process ENSURES Magazine-Worthy Results

Explore Our Process That ENSURES
Your New Space Is Worthy
Of A Magazine Cover

Why We’re So Confident And How We Know
You’re Going To Be Glad You Chose MBC

Whether you look at our neck of the woods here in Lancaster County, PA, or across the entire country…you know what separates amazing home remodeling contractors from the chaff?


Let’s dig into that idea a bit.

With less experienced outfits, like a box of chocolates, you never quite know what you’ll get. On one side of the spectrum are younger contractors with new ideas and new technology, which can be fine, albeit experimental. On the other, you’ve got your more cold-shoulder contractors who aren’t a) great communicators, and b) exactly sure about their process yet.

It’s in the works…

Now, compare that to our process here at MBC Remodeling, which is backed by not one, two, or three decades of experience…but over six.

  • Note: We’ve got short video biographies from our executive team you can watch if you’d like to learn more about the experience we draw from.

What does that mean for you?

It means there’s no experimenting going on. Period. It means whether we’re in your home to remodel your kitchen, build a new bathroom from the ground up, or both (with new decking for the back porch area)…each step is mapped out with precision.

It feels like clockwork but not necessarily confining.

There’s almost nothing we can’t do (as long as it’s up to code), but how each part of your project unfolds is etched in stone – molded by decades and thousands of successful remodeling projects.

Home Remodeling With MBC
In A Nutshell

Like threads in a tapestry, there’s a lot that goes into home remodeling or even a new room addition. If we were to plaster each step in this blog, your scrolling finger would kill us. For homeowners, the experience isn’t so technical and procedural, though.

We’re Going To Define Your Project Down To The Finest Detail

This means we’re going to spend some time together. It means in-depth conversation and letting us really take a look at the nuts and bolts of the space in question. Along the way, we’ll be gathering and compiling the information we need to paint a detailed picture of what the project entails.

We’ll put together both a “Scope of Work” and a Project Proposal for us to go through together with a fine-toothed comb. Basically, these contain:

  • Quantities
  • Materials
  • And Cost and terms and conditions for the construction of your new space.

From here, there’s plenty more conversation and going through the answers to your questions. We assist in many ways – for example, by helping homeowners understand what’s possible with their budgets and what different ideas cost in real black-and-white terms.

We’re Going To Take All Necessary Preparations

Once everyone is in agreement and the paperwork is signed, we step into the world of planning and preparation, permits, and securing materials. For you, this is a fun part of the process because you’ll get the Project Design Plans and see your remodeling vision coming to life.

We’ll get through the red tape step by step, then get the materials selected (including styles, colors, textures, appliances, and fixtures) and on the way to our Lancaster warehouse. You’ll be in the loop at every turn and know exactly what to expect in terms of when your project will begin.

We’re Going To Execute With Mastery

The time’s come. Hammers start swinging. The groundwork is laid and inspected. You’ll see the new space taking shape phase by phase. Each one goes through a rigorous inspection to ensure it’s spot on, up to code, and built to last. 

Once we’re finished, it’s especially exciting because you’ve seen it grow and evolve. Well, unless it’s a situation where you’re not onsite while we’re doing the transformation. Even then, we’ll be in such close contact that the big reveal won’t bring any unexpected surprises. 

Want To Learn More & Talk Shop? Share
Your Remodeling Goals With MBC

And those are the basics you can expect. No magic. No mystery. If you’re getting ready to remodel your home, feel free to reach out and connect with MBC. We’ll show you how it’s done PROPERLY. You can call us at (717) 371-5136 anytime you feel like it or use our website form to Get In Touch. We look forward to talking shop and helping you explore your ideas!

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