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Lancaster, PA Homeowners Turn To MBC
Remodeling For Rock-Solid

We Want Your New Home Addition Or Bathroom Remodel To
LAST, So We Offer Top-Tier Product
And Labor Warranties.

When we take on any remodeling project in Lancaster, PA, we don’t set out to do an “okay” job. We set out to build a stunning, one-of-a-kind remodel that’ll LAST. That’s why we insist upon using top-tier products and materials.

We DO stand by our workmanship and the fine products we install, and we believe in rock-solid warranties without copouts, clauses, loopholes, or fine-print excuses.


Because we’re not trying to pull a fast one on our customers. We genuinely want to give you the top-notch, truly unique home remodel you deserve.

Great Product Warranties From Well-Known, Trusted Manufacturers

While our number one goal is to give you the EXACT remodel that you want, we’ll steer you in a different direction if we think you’re choosing the wrong product. Or a product that won’t serve you as well as others might.

Some materials simply hold up better than others, and some brands can run CIRCLES around their competition. The manufacturers WE choose to work with come with their own manufacturer warranties that cover EVERY product defect under the sun.

  • Whether we’re building you a new bathroom remodel or adding a whole new addition to your home, we ensure it’s built for the long haul.
  • Not only that, but we make a point of installing each and every material per the manufacturer’s standards, so there’s ZERO chance of voiding your warranty.

Our Painstaking Workmanship Comes With A 5-Year Labor Warranty

We employ skilled, experienced technicians and maintain ultra-high standards for our workmanship. That’s why we’re 100% confident in offering our own 5-year labor warranty.

We almost NEVER have to honor the warranty because there aren’t often problems. That said, if ANYTHING goes wrong with your remodel, we’ll come right back and fix it for you.

Let’s face it: remodels are costly, so the last thing you want is to have to spend MORE money to fix your new high-end kitchen, bathroom, or home addition. That’s why we provide great warranties, so you don’t have to spend a penny more.

A Solid Reputation For Trust, Integrity & Reliability

Since MBC Remodeling was founded in 1999, we’ve built an excellent reputation here in Lancaster County and accumulated more than our share of great reviews from homeowners we’ve worked with.

We’re also members of a variety of industry organizations, including:

  • The National Association Of Home Builders
  • PA Builders Association
  • The Building Association Of Lancaster County
  • The National And Local Remodelers’ Council
  • Better Business Bureau
  • And More!

Of course, none of that would matter if it weren’t for our customers. It’s our reputation among the homeowners we’ve helped that matters most. We want YOU to know that if you work with us, we’ll still be here 5, 10, or even 15 years down the line to answer your call and help with all your home remodeling needs.

Schedule A Free Consultation With MBC Remodeling!

If you’re a homeowner in Lancaster, PA, who could use a high-quality, detailed remodel with all the right warranty coverage, connect with MBC. Whether it’s a new bathroom, kitchen, or other remodeling project, we’ll get the ball rolling. Simply call us at (717) 371-5136 or use our website’s nifty Contact Us form. We look forward to hearing about your remodeling goals and ideas!

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