Five Ways to Incorporate Technology Ideas Into Your Kitchen Remodel

Starting a kitchen modeling project can be a lot of fun, but why not go the extra step and upgrade with a few incredible technology updates? There are some amazing and very advanced technology products out there that can be installed while you are remodeling your kitchen. MBC Remodeling is happy to help and educate homeowners about the myriad of technological products and designs that can be incorporated into your kitchen during the remodeling process. While you are choosing backsplashes and countertops, think about all of the little extra that will make your kitchen not only beautiful, but incredibly functional.

Five Technology Innovations To Add To Your Kitchen Remodel

Voice-Controlled Automation

Make your kitchen smarter! With voice-controlled automation, your kitchen will come alive and there are several devices that you can choose from to make this a reality. Both Alexa and Google have voice-controlled automation and there is also the Apple Home Pod for connectivity. Right from your kitchen, you can ask one of these devices for recipes, set timers for cooking, and even play music. Want to listen to your favorite podcast while you are whipping up some cookies? It’s as easy as using your own voice.

Touch-Activated & Motion Sensitive Kitchen Faucets

Many homeowners have added motion-sensitive kitchen faucets to their kitchens to gain more control. Are you working with something messy in the kitchen such as eggs? Have no fear, because now you will not have to contaminate your faucet while you are cooking, leading to less spreading of germs and increased productivity in the kitchen. Some touch-activated faucets even have color-changing LED lights to let you know if the water is hot or cold, which is just another bonus to adding it to your space for convenience.

Smart Fridges with Touch Screens & Communication

Connected appliances are the wave of the future. Many homeowners have added smart fridges to their kitchens because of the ability to control them from their own phone or other devices. But, it isn’t just the fridge that has become intelligent. There are so many other appliances, including coffee makers, automatic stirrers, kitchen displays, and you can even be alerted when it is time to change your filter inside your fridge. With automation through smart communication, so many things are possible.

Outlets in the Countertops That Rise

These are also called pop-up outlets and they are on the rise in popularity, especially in the kitchen. Do you need to charge your cell phone quickly? Just click on the pop-up outlet and it will engage and now you have a nifty way of charging your phone without having to unplug a kitchen appliance or device. They also keep all of the cords away to increase safety within the kitchen area and help with any accidents.

Vacuum Compartments

Such a great idea! These vacuum compartments are easy to install and are put in the bottom of the cabinets and work on suction. They work with reusable bags, so if you have a lot of crumbs or are in the kitchen a lot, it can pick up any dust or crumbs left behind by a vacuum or broom. Simple, easy and efficient!

Technology products are an efficient and helpful way to upgrade your kitchen.  Whether you are looking to create a very functional space or one that becomes a communication hubspot, MBC Remodeling can help to make it a reality.  Our reputation sets us apart from other home remodeling companies out there and we really enjoy remodeling kitchens for our homeowners.

Ready to get started with your kitchen remodeling project?  If you’re in or directly around the Lancaster, PA area, feel free to contact us with any questions you have and we are more than happy to walk you through the process.

Take a look at our kitchen gallery for some wonderful ideas and think about all of the amazing functions your kitchen will be able to do while also looking incredible! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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