Flex Space: What It Is and Why You Need It

Make your home more versatile and fun with a little added flex space.

When it was first coined, “flex space” referred to the industrial practice of converting warehouses into added office space. “Flex” meant that the space was flexible and easy to work with. In your home, a “flex space” or “flex room” is a room that doesn’t have a set purpose. It’s not a bedroom, a bathroom, or kitchen, but rather, it’s versatile enough to serve whatever purpose you need.

The Importance of Flex Space

The fact of life is that it tends to change. You may be in one stage of life when you buy and move into your home, and find yourself in a very different life five years later. That doesn’t mean you should have to move every time your life changes. Rather, your home should be able to accommodate those changes and grow with you. That’s why it’s not enough to have just the rooms you need right now. You should also have a flex space that you can adapt if you find that you need, say, a nursery, a studio, or a home office.

Different Types of Flex Spaces

All that a flex space needs to be is a room that doesn’t already have a specific purpose. It can be any size or shape in any place in the house. Even a pantry can be made into a good flex space. However, there are certain rooms that are more suitable to be flex rooms. 

  • Extra Bedroom. Did you buy a home with one more bedroom than you needed? Great! That bedroom can become your home office, gym, yoga room, or even a mini library. The purpose can change overtime, or it can serve a few different purposes. It all depends on what you need.
  • Basement. Basements are a popular choice for a flex space. Often spacious and open, homeowners have free rein to do with them as they please. You can even convert the basement into a suite for a relative that might be staying with you, or to rent out.
  • Loft. Do you have an upstairs loft? This is a picturesque flex space that could be perfect for when you need to work from home — or when you just want to have some time to yourself with a good book.
  • Sunroom. Sunrooms are visually appealing, but they’re also very versatile. You can have an indoor garden, an entertainment space, a playroom for kids, or a breakfast nook.

Need a Flex Space In Your Home?

Don’t already have flex space in your home? No problem. Flex space is easy to add with a room addition or other remodeling projects, and MBC Remodeling is happy to help. Contact us today for more information or a free quote to get started on your flex space.

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