Four Popular Bathroom Features

The bathroom is an area of the home that’s often overlooked and under-appreciated. If your bathroom is begging for a renovation, consider these design features when it’s time for a complete bathroom remodel in Lancaster County.

Geometric Tile Walls

If your bathroom is lacking in personality and could use an upgrade in style, installing geometric tile on the wall could be a welcome change of pace. By choosing geometric tile in neutral colors, you’ll be able to avoid the quickly changing trends that tend to die out in a matter of months. Neutral or metallic wall tiles look interesting and edgy in any bathroom without being over the top.

Trough Sinks

If you share your bathroom with multiple people, you’ll likely find that crowding around one sink to brush your teeth or wash your face in the morning is frustrating. To allow extra space for daily routines, consider investing in a trough sink when it’s time for a complete bathroom remodel in Lancaster County. A trough sink is perfect for households that need to add extra space to the sink. In addition to allowing multiple people to use the sink at the same time, the wide, flat design of this bathroom feature makes it easy to clean.

Heated Tile Flooring

There’s nothing quite as jarring as stepping from a piping hot shower onto an ice-cold tile floor. To make your bathroom warm and inviting, consider adding the luxury feature of heated tile flooring.

Extra Storage Space

If your bathroom is cluttered due to insufficient storage space, speak with your bathroom renovation contractor about adding extra storage space. Working with a small bathroom space can be tough without adequate storage, but luckily, more options are becoming available for compact, hideaway storage spaces. When you’re ready to gain more room for your bathroom essentials, find a reputable contracting company to handle a complete bathroom remodel in Lancaster County.

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