Keep Your Garage Organized With These Simple Strategies

A garage is much more than a space to safely secure your vehicle. For many families, the garage is an essential storage area where out-of-season items, special decorations, bicycles, and many other important items are kept when not in use. Pretty soon even the most spacious garage can start to seem a little cluttered. While we are always available to build a garage addition for Lancaster County homeowners, we also want to help you keep your new garage space organized. Keep these tips in mind to maximize the useful space in your current or planned garage.

Make Cleaning a Seasonal Habit

Cleaning the garage is often part of homeowners’ spring cleaning efforts. However, this means that the chore is often very time-consuming and may not even get done in time. To avoid all this added pressure during your spring cleaning routine, consider making small-scale garage clearing part of each season’s chores.

Start by sweeping out debris; this will give you a better look at what is actually being stored. Next, identify a few items that should be thrown away or given away. Periodically assessing your belongings is helpful; you can see at a glance which things haven’t been used in a while and can be safely given away. Taking even a single car load of items to the thrift store or to a charity shop will help make space for organizing.

Label Bins and Shelves

Garage clutter is a big problem for many homeowners; everything gets jumbled together and it can be hard to find specific items when they are needed. Label large bins, buckets, and other storage containers to keep your memory fresh regarding the contents – and then be sure to stick with the organizing system you have chosen! Try labels such as:

  • Holiday decorations
  • Winter coats and boots
  • Car care items
  • Spare pet supplies
  • Yard care items
  • Garden fertilizer

Remodel to Accommodate Changing Needs

You may find that your current garage is not large enough or shaped the right way to accommodate your growing needs. In that case, give MBC Remodeling a call at (717) 371-5136 and let us know how we can help.

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