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10 Stunning Railing Design Ideas For Your
Columbia, PA, Decking Project

From Fanciful To Farmhouse, Find
Your Perfect Deck Designs

When it comes to designing your Columbia, PA, decking, the possibilities are endless. Glass, metal, wood, and even PVC can be used to pull off a stunning, one-of-a-kind deck that’s sure to make you want to spend as much time outside as possible.

Our seamless deck construction offers both form and function, where beauty and practicality meet. You can count on us for unbeatable service and clear, honest communication – just ask our countless satisfied customers!

Finding the right style for your home’s deck can be challenging. Read on to take a look at just some of the many ideas so you can find the perfect inspiration for the deck railing of your dreams!

Wrought Iron Railing Decking Columbia PA MBC Remodeling

Idea 1: Custom Wrought-Iron Railing For Decking

While certainly not the cheapest option, there’s no doubt that a custom wrought-iron railing is a stunning addition to any home. You can choose from a variety of styles or, if you have the right contractor, even design your own.

No matter the aesthetic of your home, there will always be a wrought-iron design sure to highlight your home and deck’s unique style.

Idea 2: Classic Farmhouse Deck Designs

Few aesthetics are as charming as the farmhouse style. Our featured galleries are filled with projects where we’ve added these simple wood railings to decks throughout the Lancaster County Area.

A farmhouse deck railing consists of flat, horizontal wooden slats attached to solid columns. Paint the decking and columns white to add a light, breezy charm to your deck.

Idea 3: Natural Wood Decking

It doesn’t get more rustic than natural wood, and what better way to accentuate your home’s rustic charm than with a natural wood deck railing?

Keep in mind that natural wood warps when exposed to the elements, especially in places with a lot of rain, like Columbia, PA. Sealing and waterproofing your deck and deck railing is key to keeping it in peak condition for years to come.

Idea 4: Deck Designs With Attached Pergola

When the sun shines bright, shade becomes an important commodity – especially when it comes to hanging out on your deck.

Adding a pergola to your deck railing not only increases the amount of shade on your deck but also provides ample opportunity for adding plants, such as climbing vines and flowers, for a truly stunning botanical display.

Idea 5: Incorporating Lattice Into Your Decking

Lattice railing not only looks lovely and provides climbing plants a place to grow, but it’s also a safer option if you have young children in your home. Lattice adds a touch of dainty charm to your home and works with a variety of home aesthetics.

Idea 6: Wire Or Cable Railing For Decking

For the security of deck railing without being obvious, opt for wire or cable deck railing. From a distance, your posts will only be visible, which is ideal if you don’t want your railing to obstruct the view of your yard.

A wire is thinner and much less obvious, looking nearly invisible unless seen up close. The cable railing is more visible but looks sleek when paired with dark-colored posts, such as black or dark gray.

Idea 7: Using Clear Plastic Or Glass In Your Deck Remodel

A step up in invisibility from wire, clear glass, or clear plastic decking gives you the best view of your yard from your deck – and vice versa. Using real glass isn’t the best idea, as storms are common in Columbia, but there are many options, such as Plexiglass, that are stronger and more durable than glass but look the same.

Idea 8: Lighted Posts And Metal Decking

Consider adding soft, solar-powered lights to your deck posts for a truly magical nighttime ambiance. Adding the lights to the sleek metal vertical deck railing will add a touch of whimsy and class to any home.

Idea 9: Mixed-Material Decking

Not every part of your deck railing has to be the same color or even the same material. Combine materials and colors for an eye-catching addition to your deck. Charming white, natural wood, and sleek black or gray can all create something unique.

Idea 10: Textured Railing For Your Decking

Metal deck railing is great – but it can be slippery during the rain. Adding textured paint to your metal railing adds extra grip, making your deck a safer and more accessible place for friends and family.

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