Getting Through the Prep Work: How to Get Your Kitchen Ready for Renovations

Kitchen renovation can be a big upheaval in your day-to-day life and can be cause for some extreme stress in the days leading up to the job’s start. When plotting out your kitchen renovation in Lancaster County, the final few days of your schedule should be dedicated to preparing the kitchen for work and all of the of bodies coming and going out of the room.

Before the day of reckoning for your kitchen, it’s advised you stock up on garbage bags, newspaper, packing tape, and plenty of boxes. Depending on the job and the contents of your kitchen, your kitchen renovation in Lancaster County could require a day or two dedicated just to packing and storing the silverware, plateware and cookware in your kitchen. Pack knives, forks and spoons into individual gallon storage bags to make putting them away again faster and simpler. Plan a safe place for storage and, should you have food from your cabinets to store away, secure a dry, cool place to keep it.

Any kitchen décor you have on display should also find a home in a box, carefully packed. Even if it doesn’t seem as if it will be in harm’s way, it’s better safe than sorry with multiple bodies traveling around your kitchen space. While workers are typically very careful, putting décor out of harm’s way keeps any accidents from happening and allows you and the workers to have peace of mind during the renovation.

Keeping like items together and labeling boxes well will help you keep from losing track of important things you’ve stored away. Taking care to keep your eyes on which boxes contain fragile items and tucking them aside so they are handled with more care when retrieved will also save you some potential tears down the line.

Pennsylvanians looking into kitchen renovation in Lancaster County in the near future will benefit from the extra legwork of preparing their kitchen ahead of time. Saving the workers time and yourself extra stress when you’re about to lose your kitchen to renovations for a while will make your life a lot easier and the job a lot shorter.

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