Home Renovation Trends

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As homeowners’ needs change, so do the trends in remodeling and renovations. Over the past several years, there has been an increase in renovation projects as people opt to make the home they have fit their needs instead of moving to a new home. Homeowners are looking to expand their homes usable space, increase its functionality and create a calming place to call their home. Home renovations contractors in Lancaster can help you achieve these looks in your home.

Adding Usable Space

How do you create more space in an existing home? Homeowners are getting creative, repurposing existing areas. Basement renovations  are a big trend. Basements are usually large, open spaces that can be converted to meet a wide variety of needs, making them an appealing option for renovation. Attics are becoming another widely renovated space in the home. Home renovations contractors in Lancaster focus on the attributes of an attic, including its sloped ceiling to add interesting elements to the room.


Homeowners are looking to make their homes more functional and practical. Adding technologically advanced features to make homes more intuitive and connected is becoming more commonplace, as is the addition of eco-friendly elements. People are also staying in their homes into their later years and are retrofitting their homes to make them more accessible.

Simple Design Features

It is thought that with typically hectic lives, homeowners are looking to create a more calming space in their homes through its design elements. Simple lines and a more contemporary aesthetic are once again becoming popular. Raise paneled cabinetry has been a standard for some time, but now flat paneled cabinets are back in style. It is the same throughout the house. People are looking to create warm and inviting homes without the elements that may become overwhelming to the eye.

These are only some of the trends that home renovations contractors in Lancaster are seeing. Selecting an expert contractor for your home remodeling project will allow you to customize your renovation, incorporating any trends as you see fit.

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