How Long Does A Basement Remodel Take?

How Long Will a Basement Remodel Take? Much Of It Depends On Who Does The Remodeling

Your home’s basement is full of possibility. Sure, you could use it for storage and leave it unfinished. But there’s so much you can do with a finished basement. It can be made into an entertainment room, a hobby space, or even a new suite that you could rent out or use for your growing family. To achieve this, though, you’ll need a basement remodel.

A basement remodel can be a boon for your home, but many homeowners find themselves wondering how long their basement remodel will take. The truth is, this can depend on a number of factors, including your choice to do DIY or professional remodeling, as well as the size and scope of the basement remodel.

the beginning of a basement remodel

DIY vs. Professional Basement Remodeling

If you plan to perform a DIY basement remodel, it’s likely to take much longer than it would if you have a professional remodeling team. For one thing, it’s about the sheer number of people. Two people can finish a job twice as quickly as one, and a whole team can finish a basement remodeling project much more quickly than a solo homeowner. Professional remodelers also have access to top-notch products, equipment, and they perform basement remodeling several times a year, so they know exactly what they’re getting into. A DIY basement remodeling project will take about 4-8 weeks, typically leaning towards the end of that scale.

small basement remodel in progress

The Size of Your Basement

Another major factor is the size of your basement, by simple logic. If you have a basement that basically spans the entire area of the house, it will take much longer to remodel or finish than it would if you had a small basement. Ceiling height figures into it, as well. The more space, the longer the project will take, whether you perform a DIY basement remodel or a full-scale professional remodel.

The Type of Remodel

Are you finishing a basement for the first time? This is likely to take far longer than if you’re simply changing the function of the basement or adding a few finishing touches to an already finished basement. Another project that will take longer is converting your basement into an additional suite. You’ll need to make sure that it has everything the occupant could need: a bathroom — and thus plumbing, enough outlets, lighting, and in some cases, a kitchen or kitchenette. This will take considerably longer than, say, setting up a place to play music or video games.

The Time of Year

While the project will likely take the same amount of time to finish once it’s started, the time of year in which you start the project will impact the amount of time it will take before the remodeling contractor can begin. The peak season for home improvement professionals is typically between May and September, and the low season is often during the winter. During peak season, you may have to wait weeks before the remodeling company has room to fit in your basement remodel, while there may be more scheduling availability during the low season. If you want your basement remodel done within a specific frame of time from the day you call to schedule it, the time of year will play a factor. It may also impact the supplies available at a given time.

a newly finished basement remodel

The Remodeling Professional’s Process

Finally, consider the remodeling professional you hire and their process. What equipment do they use for remodeling? Do they have contractors or their own team? What products do they use, and how long will those take to order? Of course, you likely won’t know all the answers to these questions off the top of your head, which is why it’s important to communicate and ask the professional.

A good remodeling professional will provide an in-home consultation before anything is started as well as a thorough estimate that gives a time frame for the project, as well as a breakdown of the expenses. This is your best way to tell how long a basement remodel will take, and it’s typically free and comes before any contract so you can make an informed decision.

At MBC Remodeling, we’re always happy to talk about our process, our experience with basement remodels, and how long we expect your basement remodel to take. Have any questions for us? Interested in scheduling a free, in-home consultation? Contact MBC Remodeling today for more information or to get started.

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