How Many Estimates To Get Before Choosing Home Remodelers

How Many Estimates Should I Get Before
Choosing A Home Remodeler?

Learn More About The Initial Phases Of The Process

As a well-established and trusted home remodeler, how many estimates do we suggest Lancaster County homeowners get before committing to any contractor?

What kinds of things can you expect during the process before paperwork is signed and you’re moving toward demo/installation day?

Let’s take a couple of minutes to chat about it.

This is critical information when you’re approaching your first remodel. Or, perhaps things didn’t go so smoothly last time, and you want to ensure your next experience is top-to-bottom professional.

How Many Contractors Should I Talk To?

Generally, speaking with as many as you have time for is a good idea. You can learn a lot! For example, when you call MBC Remodeling, we’re happy to chat and give you our insights. We’ll answer initial questions, talk shop, and discuss your basic ideas.

We like to, but we also have to.

We can’t take every offer coming down the pike. We’re not a huge company with endless resources, but more medium-sized and focused on Lancaster County. That said, you don’t need to schedule an in-home or on-site consultation with each contractor you chat with.

Boil them down to 2-4 of the best options with Solid Local Reputations. The contractors who are a) available for your project, b) within your ballpark budgeting range, c) friendly and professional – they promptly called you back – and d) forthcoming.

Balance Your Range Of Quotes With Value

Pricing is always a really difficult topic to write about in general terms. Every project is different. Every budget is different. There are just too many variables to consider in home remodeling to make blanket statements.

Rule Of Thumb: Don’t be hasty. Avoid jumping at either the highest or lowest bids. The value you’re getting is more important. And not superficial on-the-surface value but thorough, detailed workmanship and solutions that solve your issues with the home.

As we like to tell beginners, home remodeling isn’t a commodity. It’s not like buying a car. It’s not like you’re going out to sign the paperwork on the latest-greatest model. There’s never one way to remodel a bathroom, kitchen, attic, or basement.

Expect Some ‘Thanks, But No Thanks” Responses

Honestly, most homeowners should think twice before working with ‘do anything’ contractors. In other words, contractors who will sign onto your project no matter what because they need the work…desperately in many cases.

  • If they can start right away, why don’t they have any projects lined up? We usually have months of work in the pipeline.
  • Are they telling you they can do it, only to start kicking you down the road?
  • Are they ACTUALLY skilled enough for the project, or will they outsource everything?
  • Are they the right fit? Do they have a design you like and a line-by-line estimate that makes sense to you?

Bottom Line: Keep The Waters Clear!

Don’t muddy your waters by taking too many bids and getting swamped with pitches and different design ideas. Competition is great; it should benefit you, not hold you back or take you for a ride.

Would you like to dig into this further? Live in Lancaster County and have questions, concerns, or ideas you’d like a professional to address? Reach out and Contact MBC Remodeling at your convenience. If we can’t take your call immediately, we’ll get back to you soon, and we can enjoy a great initial conversation. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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