How To Choose A Qualified Home Remodeling Contractor

When you get ready to get a home improvement remodel, your first step should be to find a reputable contractor for home remodeling in Lancaster County. You can go to several different remodelers to get estimates, but if you go for the cheapest bid, you should know that some contractors’ estimates are guesses and can go up later.

Customer Reviews

You might think that the first thing you should do is get an estimate, but you might want to do a little homework first. When you look for contractors for home remodeling in Lancaster County, look at each company that is getting ready to give you an estimate. Look at their website and see what their customers are saying. Do they have lots of positive reviews? Then go online and look for reviews there. Today’s social media gives everyone a platform to voice their opinion. People love to give reviews, especially bad reviews. If someone has had a company that provided a quote that turned out to be a guess and the price went up significantly as the project got underway, they will probably give a bad review somewhere.

Detailed Estimate

Some contractors will give you a blanket estimate. In other words, it covers everything for your project. The problem with this is if they can cut corners on the quality of the materials used, or the time it takes to do the project, they save money. So if you want to make sure that you get what you pay for, get a detailed quote from the get-go. You should know how long the project will take and what materials your contractor will use for your project. The contractor should be happy to give their estimate in writing, not just a verbal quote.

Projects Recently Accomplished

Some companies will show you pictures of projects and tell you what that project costs. What they fail to say is that they completed that job ten years ago and you can no longer get those materials. If you can get them, they will not cost the same nor will the cost of labor be the same. So when they hand you the invoice, the price will be different. It is essential that the project pictures that they show you are current, from recently done remodels.


When it comes to your home, quality matters the most.You do not want materials or craftsmanship that are not of the best quality. An excellent way to tell if a company has a quality-driven team is to look at the awards they have received. Those awards you see on their office walls and website are not just handed out without merit. So go check out their awards. Go online to The Better Business Bureau and other places like Angie’s List to look and see if they have certification to back up the quality that they claim to have.

Communication With Customers

When you get your estimate, ask for a list of recent customers who would talk to you about the contractor’s work. Then visit with a few customers and ask if the quote given at the start of their project matched the actual cost. When you talk to them, ask any other questions that you will want to know. They can tell you if the contractor communicated with them, completed the project in a timely fashion, and if they did quality work.

To find the best contractor for your remodel, you need to do your homework, look at reviews, and take a good look at each company’s credentials. Choosing contractors for home remodeling in Lancaster County does not have to be a daunting task. It is a shame that you cannot depend on companies to have the integrity that they claim they have. At MBC Remodeling, our reputation matters to us. We value our customers, and it’s important to us to build a relationship with all our customers. We have customers that come back to have us do another remodel for them, and that speaks volumes to us. So, if you want a contractor for your home remodel, and you want someone you can trust, call MBC Remodeling today at (717) 371-5136 for your quote.

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