How to Choose Kitchen Countertops

8 Tips For Choosing Your Lancaster, PA
Kitchen Countertops

The Right Countertops Will Make Or Break
Your Kitchen

What comes to mind when looking at the current countertops of your Lancaster, PA kitchen? Daily use can take its toll on your kitchen surfaces, and your countertops typically take the most abuse. If you’re tired of looking at your tired and outdated kitchen, it might be time to replace your countertops.

Countertops that are strained, scratched, or otherwise damaged can become an eyesore. What makes it worse is that you may find it brings down the entire feel of your kitchen! Why is this?

The countertops in your Lancaster, PA, kitchen will make or break your kitchen. How these countertops look in your kitchen will affect how everyone perceives the kitchen.

For this reason, you want to ensure you pick the right countertops for your Lancaster, PA, kitchen, and we have eight tips to help you choose the best!

Ask Yourself What You Like

You can have hundreds of countertop ideas in front of you – however, if you are unsure of what you genuinely like, it will be impossible to decide. So, before you even start looking at what countertop options you have, ask yourself, “what does my dream kitchen countertop look like?”

For example, do you like a more traditional look or a contemporary style? Would you rather have a countertop material considered conventional or something more high-tech and modern?

By really thinking about what you like, you will narrow down your choices before starting, making it easier to find a countertop you love.

Pay Attention To The Material And How It Will Work For Your Lifestyle

For kitchen countertops, there are several primary materials used in production. Each material has pros and cons, often related to how it will work in your Lancaster, PA, home kitchen.

For example, porous materials and those prone to cracking are often not the best options for those with busy lifestyles and high-traffic kitchens. The same can be said of material that easily stains – especially if there are kids in your Lancaster, PA, home. The last thing you want is a stain on your new surface after spending time and money replacing them.

On the flip side, if you are one of those people who only use your kitchen a few times a week, you may not have any issues with any material you choose.

Always Consider The Maintenance

You will discover that some countertops require yearly maintenance, while other materials may have little to no care. Granite countertops are going to need regular sealing to maintain their looks.

However, laminate countertops are often considered maintenance-free. You have to weigh whether more maintenance is worth it compared to the look you hope to achieve in your kitchen.

Stick To Your Budget

Many Lancaster, PA homeowners are not just replacing the countertops in their kitchens – they often go with a partial or complete kitchen remodel. Thus, the countertops are just one part of their home renovation project.

The cost can quickly increase when you introduce multiple kitchen upgrades. Be sure to stick to your budget and look at what countertop options you have that fall into your budget. If you stay within budget, you will be even happier with the end results.

Compliment Your Cabinets

For aesthetic purposes, you will find you want your countertops to compliment your cabinets. Having mismatched countertops compared to your cabinets will only make the entire kitchen clash once you are done with your kitchen remodel.

Consider the material and the color when compared to your current or future cabinets. It’s important to balance light and dark tones to create an inviting environment. After all, the kitchen is the epicenter of your home, and you want to feel comfortable.

The Edge Design

With your countertops, we can make the edge of these into several different shapes. Some have square edges, rounded edges, beveled, and the list goes on. Believe it or not, the edge you select can make a massive difference in your countertops’ final look and feel.

The material you choose will determine which edge you can choose for your counters. However, many people find rounded edges are a great option when dealing with a functional kitchen.

Consider The Sink Placement Style

Not every sink style will work with the countertop material of your choice. For this reason, you must consider how your sink is mounted.

Under-mounted sinks have the countertop on top of the edges of the sink, creating a continuous flow throughout the room.

Additionally, you can opt for an over-mounted sink or drop-in sink. This type breaks up the seamless look but can be easier to install.

Not every countertop material will work with each sink placement style. Those choosing an under-mounted sink will find that this works best with:

  • Granite
  • Concrete
  • Marble
  • Quartz

Drop-in sinks work with just about any countertop material, but you should ask your kitchen remodeling expert before deciding.

Take Into Consideration Your Home Layout

For those Lancaster, PA, homes with an open layout, you need to pay attention to the entire design of your home to ensure your countertops flow effortlessly in the space. Choosing a finish and color that matches the rest of the house in an open layout is critical to ensure each section fits with the next.

If an open layout is not an issue, you might have more choices for your countertops. Rather than trying to match the rest of your home, you can choose to have the kitchen decorated as its own space, with the countertops as your focal point.

Free Consultations For Your Lancaster, PA Countertops
From MBC Remodeling

When it comes time to decide on countertops for your Lancaster, PA, home, MBC Remodeling is here to help. Not only can we handle your countertop replacement as a part of your kitchen renovation, but our professionals can help guide you on which countertops you may want to consider for your kitchen.

Contact us today or call us at (717) 371-5136 for a free consultation to allow you to get the kitchen of your dreams, with countertops that make your kitchen more beautiful!

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