How To Choose The Right Vanity For Your Bathroom Remodel

How To Select The Best Vanity For
Your Bathroom Remodel

Size Is The Most Important Factor To Consider

Contractors in Lancaster, PA, know that the vanity is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to your bathroom remodeling project. Bathroom vanities are the centerpiece of any bathroom, and they are vital for the majority of all activity.

Selecting the most essential component can be stressful for Lancaster, PA, homeowners. On the surface, it seems simple enough – but upon closer inspection, there are many considerations. Material, color, type of sink, plumbing, and size all impact the functionality of your bathroom.

Here are the key bathroom sink qualities you should consider when selecting a vanity for your Lancaster, PA, home.

Vanity Sink Types

Most Lancaster, PA, homeowners don’t realize that vanity sinks are not one-size-fits-all products. Vanity sinks are often designed and prefabricated to fit a particular sink style. To know what type of vanity top to purchase, you must first decide what kind of sink you want.

Choosing your bathroom sink comes down to personal preference, but there are some essential types to consider before selecting your vanity top for your Lancaster, PA, remodel.

Drop-In/Self-Rimming Sinks

As the name suggests, these sinks are designed to drop into a vanity top. When searching for this type of sink, you must ensure your vanity has a precise hole that can house it. The sink rim will fit into a ridge resting on the vanity’s top surface.

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks also require a pre-cut hole in the vanity top. The difference with a drop-in sink is that they offer a cleaner look, eliminating the gap between the counter and sink.

They offer a sleek and modern look that is flush with the counter’s surface.

Vessel Sinks

Bathroom contractors in Lancaster, PA, have been turning to vessel sinks in recent years. This trending sink style offers a chic aesthetic that is sure to impress your guests and create an elevated space.

Logistically, it sits on the vanity top, which is convenient because it requires no prefabricated hole. The only cutout required is a small opening for your plumbing.

When purchasing a vanity with a vessel sink in mind, a cutout will not be required, which can make vanity selection an easier process.

Other Sink Types That Don’t Require A Dedicated Vanity

If you are hoping to install a vanity for your bathroom remodel in Lancaster, PA, keep in mind that these sink types aren’t designed for them:

  • Pedestal & Basin Combo – These are classic in look and are standalone sinks that don’t necessarily require wall mounting.
  • Wall Mount – As the name suggests, these mount directly to a wall without needing a dedicated vanity.
  • Corner – This sink type also mounts to the wall and sits in the corner of the bathroom. They’re great for space saving.

Another crucial factor to consider when shopping for bathroom vanities is their size, which can affect your budget. Depending on the size of the bathroom you’re remodeling and your budget, you’ll want to select an appropriate size of vanity.

Vanity Sizes – A Quick Guide

Traffic flow and comfort are some of the most important factors when considering your bathroom remodel in Lancaster, PA. The size of vanity you choose will greatly affect this, so it’s important to understand the different vanity sizes and their general purpose.

  • 30-Inch Vanities – This is the smallest standard vanity size and is best suited for tiny bathrooms – sometimes even half baths. They are great for bathrooms with limited space and offer a nice touch to a guest bathroom.
  • 48-Inch Vanities – These vanities are the minimum size required for a double-sink vanity. They are perfect for bathrooms that can fit them but are still somewhat limited on space.
  • 60-Inch Vanities – Perfect for couples needing his-and-hers sinks and more countertop surface area for tabletop items, this size is another common favorite for homeowners.
  • 72-Inch Vanities – This is typically the maximum size vanities are manufactured in – they offer tremendous amounts of storage and are still realistic for many homes.

No matter the size you need – your bathroom contractor in Lancaster, PA can help you make the right decision for your bathroom to be remodeled.

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