How to Create an Ideal, Functional Home Office

Everyone wants the opportunity to work from home. You can wake up when you want, work in your pajamas, and even create your own schedule. However, in order to be productive working from home, you need the right office space. This may mean changing the function of an existing room in your home or adding a room additionto make space for your home office. You can work with a remodeling company to create a workspace that’s comfortable and functional, ideal for productivity. 


One of the most important factors of a home office is lighting. It should be well-lit in order to help you focus. Dim lighting will strain your eyes and tire you out, so you won’t be able to accomplish as much as you’d like. Natural sunlight from windows is a must: it gives you more energy during the day and even helps ensure you sleep better at night so you can be more productive the next day. It’s also more energy efficient. The outdoor view from windows will also keep your home office from feeling bland and soulless.

However, natural lighting can cause a glare to computer screens, so you should ensure that the room can be well-lit with electrical lighting as well. It’s a good idea to keep the walls of the room white or at least light so that they reflect lighting rather than absorbing it. Whatever you can to to add light to the space will help.


While white or light colors on the walls are helpful to spread light throughout the room, you don’t want your home office to be colorless or it can become boring and stale. In fact, there’s a psychology to colorthat can actually ensure comfort and productivity in your home office. Yellow is a bright, happy color that promotes creativity and energy. Blue is soothing for those with high stress jobs, while green helps productivity. You can incorporate these colors with wall art, trims, or your office furniture.


It doesn’t take Marie Kondo to tell you that clutter is the enemy of productivity. We’ve all experienced it at some point. If you’re in a room that feels crowded, it can be hard to focus. So make sure your room feels airy and has plenty of space to move freely. This can be achieved by finding multifunctional storage and creating a combination of vertical and horizontal storage. You don’t want your home office to be too large, but a room that’s too tight will feel cramped and overwhelming. You want enough room to move around freely, but no more than that.


Finally, consider your furniture. This is down to you rather than a remodeling company, but it’s still important. Your desk chair should be comfortable enough that you’ll want to spend a considerable amount of time in it — but not too cushy. Your desk should be high enough that your computer is at eye level or slightly lower. Lamps can help to add lighting and bookshelves will offer vertical storage so as to take up less space in the room. Colorful furniture will also catch your eye and help you to feel more energized in your work. Find furniture that speaks to you. You’ll need to like it quite a bit, since you’ll be spending your work day with it.Need help creating the perfect home office space? Contact MBC Remodelingin Millersville, PA today for more information or a free estimate.

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