How To Plan Ahead For Your Home Remodeling Project

Solid Tips On How To Plan Ahead For Your
Next Home Remodeling Project

If They’re Ready ‘Now’ It Might
Be A Problem

While lead times are fluid and change over the years for most companies in the industry, here at MBC Remodeling, it’s not uncommon for us to be 4-6 months out with new projects.


We’re family-owned and operated, and customer referrals keep us pretty busy. Homeowners should be wary of any contractor with an empty plate. While not necessarily a bad thing, in this day and age, with as much demand for home improvement as we’re seeing, they could have projects lined up.

Wait, can they start right away? Seriously?

Generally speaking, professional home remodeling takes time. Anything worthwhile takes time. There’s a lot of preparation involved, so once demolition and installation phases begin, you experience as few hiccups as humanly possible.

We’ve got to…

  • Walk through the consultation phase and ensure we’re a good match to work together.
  • Iron out the project details and scope and create a concrete design. Sure, some people know what they want, and they’ve done tons of homework beforehand, but most haven’t or could use professional help.
  • Get any needed paperwork, for example, if we’re talking about Room Additions.
  • Secure all needed materials to get the work done correctly.
  • Get the process scheduled and coordinated with everyone involved.

Our Core Question: When Do You Want It Completed?

When we initially meet, that question will be among the first we ask to get a handle on where you’re coming from: primary type of remodeling (Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement, etc.), what kind of budget you’re working with, and when you want to have the project completed.

What’s your end date?

Will we say what you want to hear or lead you down the primrose path just to get your signature on the dotted line? No. Some contractors will do/say things to get you to agree to work with them, then kick you down the road until they have an open slot.

  • Are they being realistic and honest with you or blowing smoke?
  • Are they lowballing the bid only to add costs later?
  • Are they big enough to handle your project, or planning on outsourcing most work? Or are they a one-man-band kind of operation?

Here at MBC Remodeling, we’re not too small or large but right in the middle. This means we’re flexible and can handle just about any kind of home remodel in a custom, personalized way.

Bottom Line: The point here is to be…prepared for the process to go slowly at first and gradually pick up steam over time. First step – choosing a contractor. They’re likely to be busy, so quality remodeling and a great experience to go with it will take elbow grease to set up.

After you know who you’re working with, things will get much easier.

  • You’ll know exactly what to expect, with consistent updates keeping you in the loop.
  • You’ll have a much more concrete project timeline once the work begins.
  • You’ll get all your questions answered along the way.

Thanks for your time today, and we hope this short article was helpful. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you’re in the Lancaster County area and would like to know more about preparing for a home remodel. We look forward to it.

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