How to Start Your Home Improvement Project

Another question we’re often asked during our Do-It-Yourself Tutoring Sessions stem from our Lancaster, PA clients watching a home improvement show and wondering to themselves; “Can I do that to my home?” or “How do I begin a project like that?”

Starting any home improvement project can seem daunting but there are some simple steps you can take to get your project under way.

First, decide why you’d like to remodel. There are several good reasons to renovate. Your home may no longer reflect your tastes or your lifestyle. Your family dynamics may have changed and a you’re considering a home addition. Maybe you’d like to make your home more environmentally friendly. You may even be planning a move in the future and you’d like to invest in your home to make it more marketable. Whatever the reason, identify it. If there’s more than one – even better! The point is that in order for you to be thrilled at the end of the project, you need to first understand why you want the change.

The next step is to make a list of everything you’d like to have done and divide the items on that list into 3 categories:

  1. Must Have Items
  2. Would Like to Have Items
  3. Dream Items

Once your list is complete, think about your budget… but don’t over think it! Too many people get hung up on this and never even begin their projects. You must begin to formulate what you’ll be comfortable investing in your home, but remember; until you talk with an experienced remodeling contractor, you won’t be able to take into account all of the methods that are available to help you get more out of your budget. A home improvement professional is experienced and up to date with the latest tax credits, rebates, alternative building materials, and cost saving methods that can make many of your “Dream Items” possible!

What Next?

Once you’ve created your list of remodeling projects and considered your budget, it’s time to get a professional working with you to develop a plan to make your project a reality. When dealing with something as important as your home, you don’t want to settle for just anyone. Selecting an unqualified individual or low quality renovation crew can cost you dearly in the end. Don’t trust something this important to the unqualified, inexperienced, uninsured, or anyone promising you something that you know is too good to be true. You owe it to yourself and your home to begin with speaking to a trusted professional.

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