How We Come Through For Old Lancaster Home Remodels

An Easy Example Of How We Come Through
During Remodels On Old
Lancaster Homes

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When it comes to just about anything in life, you never know what you’re going to get. For us Lancaster home remodelers, this is especially true when we’re talking about older homes.

When you walk into an older home, you never know what might be lurking and waiting for you beneath the surface of the cabinets, plumbing systems, and flooring or even behind walls.

If you call us and tell us you’ve got a home that was originally built in the 1960s–70s, well, then we KNOW there are bound to be surprises.

Let’s Look At A Quick Example

Well into a project, it came time to deal with a section of an older home with tile flooring

Whoever set the tile a half-century ago, planned on the space NEVER changing. Below the tile was a cement board that was–well, calling it stuck would be an understatement. They didn’t even bother with screws. Instead, we found TONS of nails. Nail after nail after nail, and the cement board was somewhat mortared to the ground as well.

What Did We Do?

Needless to say, we didn’t have anything on hand to do the job, and we couldn’t sit around chipping away at it bit by bit. So, we had to find a provider and go out and rent special equipment to keep the project moving along our agreed-upon timeline.

The machine was a mix between a rotary hammer and a jackhammer with a special “bit” that we had to get so we could penetrate the area without damaging the subfloor too much. If that happened, the demo would expand, and we would need to replace the entire floor. That said, if you visit our Bathroom Remodeling Gallery, you’ll see we leave no stone unturned.

Was It Expensive?

No, not really. It was about $30/day plus an insurance deposit, but with the machine’s help, we got through the 8×8 area of old ceramic tile in a little over a day (so we rented it for two days).

As the area was professionally contained with plastic, the homeowner was pleased to see no mess either–just beautiful luxury vinyl tile. If you’d like to dig deeper into our process, check out all the great information on our Videos Page.

Bottom Line:

Did we expect them to go out and fix the issue? No. Did we expect them to pay for the special equipment? No. Did we make a big fuss or stall the timeline? Nope. If you want a contractor that’s going to treat you and your investment properly, reach out and Contact MBC Remodeling. We’re the #1 choice here in Lancaster County. We look forward to hearing from you!

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