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11 Functional Lighting Ideas For Your
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Is your Lancaster County, PA, deck the centerpiece of your backyard? If you love entertaining guests or spending time in your outdoor living area, you’ll want to ensure it looks its best. In addition to the structure and colors of your deck, the right lighting ideas can dramatically enhance its ambiance and usability.

With the right lighting setup, you can create a comfortable atmosphere while also highlighting specific architectural details or other design elements. Lighting is one of the most crucial factors to your deck’s design – and we can help.

Our team has put together a list of eleven lighting ideas to add to your Lancaster County, PA, deck. From simple to elegant, we have something for every aesthetic and need – let’s take a look!

Deck Stair Lights

When navigating your deck at night, lights play an integral role in keeping you and your guests safe. Young, old, and everyone in between can benefit from stair lighting that illuminates each step.

But deck stair lights aren’t just for safety – they also offer a touch of beauty to your space. The subtle glow is the perfect accent for a classic or modern design.

You can opt for lights built into the stairs, or you can opt for installation on the side that illuminates the entire step from both directions. Your deck installation company can help you plan a safe and visually appealing setup for your stairs.

String Lighting

String lighting is relatively popular with deck owners since it is something that you can easily change up whenever you want. Some string lights on trees around the deck during the holidays, while others wrap string lights around banisters on the deck year-round.

These often create a fun and festive atmosphere on the deck — perfect for those who plan to use their deck for entertaining.

For those who want to tone down the string lights to something more subtle, the use of festoons can help to create a magical look. Festoons are large bulb-like lights that you can string around, across, or over your deck.

Under-Counter Deck Lighting

For those building a cooking area on their Lancaster County, PA, deck, under-counter lighting is a must.

It not only looks fantastic, but it helps you see what you’re doing when cooking those late-night steaks or chopping more limes for your pitcher of margaritas. The subtlety of the light can add to your space’s overall ambiance, creating a cohesive look and feel.

Recessed Lighting

For those who opt to have a deck built that includes a roof, adding recessed lighting to the deck’s ceiling is terrific.

Recessed lighting offers enough light to ensure you can use your deck, no matter the time, while also being super easy to care for since no lights are hanging down or interfering with your parties.

Post Light Caps

The posts around your deck can be more than just structural in nature. Many people are adding lights to the post caps to add a breathtaking pop of light to their deck.

Post-cap lights are often solar, meaning you don’t have to worry about wiring. They are the perfect choice for homeowners looking to add lighting with minimal hassle.

Placing these on every post cap, or even on every other cap, is a great way to create an understated yet functional design.

In-Floor Lighting

This type of lighting requires a bit more installation, but your decking company can help to ensure that it looks coordinated and seamless. In-floor lighting helps guests navigate, adds a touch of class, and helps to create a beautiful atmosphere on the deck.

Some homeowners opt for in-floor lighting on their stairs, while others place it in their seating areas. You can work with your contractor to create a layout that works for your needs and personal taste, creating an exciting look for your new deck.

Under-Rail Lighting

If you’re planning on adding rails to your new deck, consider adding under-rail lights.

Many people opt for solar-powered lights placed under the rails every two or three feet to create a warm glow. While it may not light the surface, it does help to create a cozy feeling at night and gives your guests a visual cue of the deck’s boundaries.


Spotlights are something to consider for those who want to enjoy their deck at night. Many people are opting for spotlights they can use to direct the light to where they need it most.

With this option, you can choose the direction of the beam. This allows for creative uses by lighting up trees, architectural details, or a walkway.

Ceiling Fans With Lights

Using ceiling fans with lights is an excellent option for those with an overhead covering for their deck. Not only do you get the lights, but you can also get some air circulating during the summer when the heat may be keeping you from truly enjoying your deck.


A method of bringing light to your deck so that you can quickly move to where you need it is to use lanterns. While you could bring camping lanterns, candles, or torches out whenever you want to use the deck, it’s a hassle.

Instead, having lanterns built into your deck can make enjoying your deck a relaxing experience. Instead of turning off and packing lanterns each night, you can flip a switch and head to bed!

Parasol Lighting

Adding a parasol or umbrella is a very common choice, especially if you aren’t building a covering. A parasol on your deck helps block the sun’s rays and ensures everyone feels a bit more comfortable.

But a parasol is also the perfect place to add a string of festoons or lanterns. Many umbrellas come with lights attached on the inside – they can create a festive feel and help light the table top for a game of cards or a night dinner.

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