Interior Décor for the Garage

Posted By Matt Blank

It’s not always the most glamorous job, but the garage needs attention too. It is one of the highest traffic areas in your home, so adding style there increases the square footage and enjoyment of your property.

Whether you’re simply cleaning out the winter grime or creating another living space, the garage is part of your interior.

The garage has become a place to spend time; many are even heated. Freezer and pantry shelves make it an extension of the kitchen; furniture, sound system and TV make it a great place for watching football or a kids’ area when they can’t play outside.

Start with the flooring and work your way up. Good floor covering improves the look, shields the floor and increases the value of your home.

Once you have the flooring down, add cabinetry, organizational wall units and lighting. The right cabinets give you a place for everything, keeping your workbench clear and free.

No need to worry about the things inside getting soaked; adjustable legs keep things away from the floor so you can sweep and hose out underneath.

Wall storage systems give you space to hang large tools and equipment, offering functionality and accessibility.

Lighting ties a space together, making it workable. A few well-placed overhead lights with some additional spot lighting will transform your garage into the workshop you’ve always dreamed of.

A deep clean and organization can turn your garage into an interior decorating work of art.

Your garage is part of your home and shouldn’t be ignored!

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