Is Building a Garage Addition a Smart Investment?

What are the real benefits a garage addition can offer your Lancaster County home?

Garage additions have existed for years, and homeowners in Lancaster County and throughout the rest of the country have enjoyed the benefits of them. You might even consider a garage addition for your home this year. But is it really worth the investment? All home renovations can be costly, and homeowners are often cautious, wanting to be sure that their investment will pay off. However, there are a number of benefits that work in the favor of a garage addition. It offers more space to your home, and more space is almost always a smart investment.

Storage Space

There are few homes in Lancaster County that couldn’t benefit from extra storage. It’s not just about storing your cars, but trash bins, lawn equipment, and overflow storage from the house can be stored in the garage. Rather than filling a closet to bursting, you can move some of your storage bins into the garage or even create shelves along the walls for more storage. If you’re in the process of moving, a garage can be a great place to store finished boxes so that you’re not climbing all over your half-finished packing job in the meantime.

Added Protection

Your home’s roof protects your family from the elements. Your garage puts a roof over the head of your vehicles. You can avoid damage from storms, freezing weather, and acts of God by storing your vehicles in a garage. You can also store your trash bins in the garage, protecting them from the elements, wild animals, or potential identity theft. Lawn mowers and the like that might have rested outside throughout the year, can now be stored safely in the garage. All of this will lengthen the life of your vehicles and other appliances, saving you money that might have been spent on replacements.

Rental Conversion

Sure, you probably won’t rent out your garage as you’ll be busy using it yourself. However, you can install a garage loft or an upper level to the garage that can be made into a spare bedroom or studio. This can be an excellent guest bedroom or home office, but if you’re looking for a way to make some of your money back, you can consider renting the space out, whether full-time or as a vacation rental through sites like AirBnB or VRBO.

Increased Home Value

It’s pretty simple when you consider the benefits of having a garage: home buyers prefer homes with garages and are willing to pay more for them than homes that simply have a driveway or carport. The extra storage space and protection for their vehicles, as well as the potential for conversion, is exceptionally appealing — especially if they don’t have to go through the garage installation themselves.Does a garage addition seem like a smart investment to you? Contact MBC Remodeling today for a free in-home estimate.

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