Is Finishing Your Basement a Good Idea?

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The idea of an unfinished basement is incredibly alluring. Just being able to finish the space to fit your needs and ideas can make homeowners salivate. However, before calling basement finishing contractors in Lancaster County to start a remodel, it is important to evaluate whether or not finishing your basement is even a feasible option.

The most important consideration is if it is possible to build your basement to meet your local building codes. In many cases, basement living spaces must have a finished height of at least seven feet, minus exposed structural beams, systems and girders. Bathrooms can often pass code with only 6 feet of height. However, these minimum requirements are just that: the minimum. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, you should try to get as much headroom as possible to increase the comfort of the space. One way in which homeowners choose to do this is by raising their homes using hydraulic systems and adding to the foundation walls. Basement finishing contractors in Lancaster County should know reputable companies to handle this important service.

The cost of finishing your basement is also of the utmost importance. Basement contractors create a customized space when they finish your basement, and that does not come without a price. While the overall cost of each project depends on your basement’s needs, finishes and footprint, the National Association of Realtors reports that the national median cost of finishing a 375 square foot basement playroom runs around $36,000.

Other important considerations for your basement include eliminating moisture issues, addressing mold, the cost of adding heating, and adding in emergency egress windows. Your basement finishing contractors in Lancaster County will help you determine which elements are essential and how to get the best space for your money. Ultimately, if you have the funds and can meet all code requirements, you may be able to achieve the basement of your dreams.

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