“Is it Worth the Savings?”

Posted By Matt Blank

When completing a new construction project or renovation in Central PA, there are certainly ways to be cost-efficient without huge compromise.  Ultimately, the deciding factor should be whether the savings are worth it.

The sayings, “You get what you pay for,” and “You might as well do it right the first time,” have good merit.  Often times, what is “saved” initially, costs double down the line.

The biggest shortfalls a homeowner can make are paying for sub-standard work or scrimping on finishes.  The difficulty with finishes is that they are last and usually occur about the same time the budget is running low.  The best advice is to set a firm budget from the beginning.  Look for sound ways to save, including deals on materials; such as: pipes, lumber, and wiring.  When possible, incorporate the use of salvaged materials, provided these materials are safe and meet the need for the job.

By saving on materials no one can see, more of your budget can be reserved for quality workmanship and the finishes.  Although most people feel anyone can paint, this is another big “you get what you pay for.”  Professional painting, high grade flooring, and other finishes are things you will be looking at day after day.

The savings is in having the work done properly the first time and enjoying the view of the finished project without taking up all of your weekends for the next few years.

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