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What Should I Consider With My Kitchen Remodeling Project?

Some important things to think about when remodeling your kitchen are how are you going to use your kitchen. Are you looking for a design that will be fully functional for a huge family dinner and having friends and guests over for the holidays? Or, will it be a basic functional kitchen for cooking light dinners and lunches, or just to have a larger space for your growing family?

MBC Remodeling can help you with a full kitchen makeover and remodeling project. Several remodeling ideas can help you find the right style to create that central area within your home.
What should you consider when starting the remodeling process of your kitchen? There are so many options to choose from, so you want to find an expert in the field to help you make these choices.

Let’s start with the basics:

  1. Kitchen Cabinets
  2. Kitchen Backsplash
  3. Kitchen Island
  4. An Open or Closed Kitchen
  5. Updating or Upgrading your Appliances
  6. Creating a unique aesthetic with countertops
  7. Flooring options
  8. The details

The details can be the most exciting part of the kitchen remodeling project. By choosing floating shelves or custom cabinetry, the design process becomes enticing. Starting with an overall feel of how you want your kitchen to be every day when you wake up in the morning and grab your coffee, what is the first moment you want to experience?  Do you want to wake up to pure coziness in the morning?  Or are you looking for a more modern aesthetic with clean lines and stainless-steel appliances? Here at MBC Remodeling, there are a variety of kitchen remodeling projects from our satisfied customers to peruse and to start the creative process of creating your ideal kitchen.

Opening up your kitchen has been a recent trend because the space can be used for family gatherings, homework time, and room for friends to come over and spend time together circling around the kitchen island. Your lifestyle plays a huge role in how you want to remodel your kitchen.

Flooring is another way to set an intention in your kitchen remodeling project. Perhaps you want dark, thick hardwood or possibly polished concrete. Those are questions to ask MBC (link here) as they are the experts on installation, choices, costs, and overall performance of all of these materials and variables for your kitchen remodeling project.

Once You Choose Your Plan?

A kitchen remodeling expert can help you decide on how to create your perfect kitchen by giving you options on flooring, appliances, and all of the little special details to customize the space within your budget and timeframe. Once everything is agreed upon, the kitchen remodeling process will move forward into the installation and project management phase, with several steps including ordering materials, setting the timeline for construction, and beginning the installation.

  1. Removal and/or demolition of the old kitchen space
  2. Plumbing and electrical are configured
  3. Painting the room (this is done in the early stages to have it set before installation of cabinets & appliances occurs)
  4. Flooring installation
  5. Cabinet Installation
  6. Countertop Installation (remember, it’s important to find your aesthetic well before this period begins and to have an expert help you find the right materials and design that will fit your lifestyle)
  7. All kitchen appliances will be brought in and hooked up
  8. Cabinet hardware and finishings will be installed
  9. The backsplash (if one is chosen as a decorative accent) will be installed
  10. Full clean-up will commence, and then a total quality inspection will occur

The Time Frame

The time frame depends upon the size of the space, the choices you have made for design, and if you are doing a full demolition or just making certain changes such as cabinets & flooring.  Video Testimonials show what MBC has created for many satisfied customers, and we are excited to start your kitchen remodeling project for you!

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