Kitchen Remodeling: What’s Your Style?

When remodeling any space, especially one you use as frequently as the kitchen, you want it to look like you at the end of it. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should remodel the space to look like yourself, but it should fit your sense of style, your needs and preferences. So before you start any remodeling project, you first have to figure out what your style is. When it comes to your kitchen, here are a few ways to break that down.

What’s Your Overall Style Preference?

Look at the rest of your home, or at the places that make you feel most comfortable. What fills those spaces? Is it warm, bold colors? Familiar architecture and furnishings? An ambiance that transports you to another time? Maybe you like a cozy, full room with lots of accent pieces. Maybe you like sleek, elegant surfaces that you can see yourself in.

Remodeling your kitchen will be quite a different animal from remodeling your living room, but certain style preferences hold true: if you like a traditional style, you’ll probably want a traditional kitchen. Like a luxurious space? You’ll want a luxury kitchen with stately countertops and beautifully finished cabinet doors. Prefer a cozy cottage feel? That will bleed over into your kitchen.

How Do You Use Your Kitchen?

You also have to take into account how you use your kitchen. Do you cook every night? Do you dine at the kitchen countertop? How much space do you need to prepare? If you tend to eat out a lot, or you eat fairly simple meals, you probably won’t need much counterspace. However, you could use the kitchen island as a dining area instead. If you love to bake, you’ll probably need much more counter space, as well as storage space for all those ingredients, and a good oven will be a must. Think about what you want from your kitchen and design accordingly.

Who Uses Your Kitchen?

When the kitchen is used to cook dinner, who cooks? Does the whole family eat in a kitchen/dining room combo, or is the kitchen only used to prepare the food? Do you like to entertain with friends and family hanging around the kitchen? If your kitchen is something of a communal space, a kitchen island with stools where people can sit is a must. If you have a large family, you’ll need to prioritize storage space and a large refrigerator. If it’s just you, you might be able to prioritize luxury appliances and countertops over storage space.

Is your kitchen right for you? If not, MBC Remodeling can help you turn it into your dream kitchen. Contact us todayfor more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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