Learn One Reason Home Addition Projects Can Take Longer

Learn Why This Home Addition We Did
North of Lancaster City Took A Bit Longer

We Were Happily Accommodating
A Family With Small Children!

At MBC Remodeling, we do a fair amount of Room Additions to help families add more square footage and function to their homes here in the Lancaster County, PA area.

Typically, our seasoned process goes off without a hitch, with no shoddy workmanship, cost overruns, or construction delays. But today we’d like to share a quick story about one of these projects we completed recently that took a us bit longer to get done… for good reason.

We think the story will shine a light on why, with the right contractor, these types of home improvements can be low-stress and low-impact on your family.

The Project

It was a substantial addition, where we bumped out the back of their beautiful two-story house. Downstairs became an add-on to their current living room and dining area, while for the upstairs we bumped out and remodeled two bathrooms and their master bedroom.

In a perfect world, we would’ve been able to do it all at once – frame everything, drywall everything, and work through the process. But, here’s the issue: we’re talking about young parents with two small children. So we definitely needed to do one bathroom at a time! We also needed to work more around their schedules and be very flexible.

The Solution

We did what we’ve had to do before – take one major project and break it down into smaller projects. We started with one bathroom, and completed it A to Z. Then, we moved on to the second bathroom and master bedroom.

The Hiccup

Despite the logistical challenges, we only had one issue pop up. We had a subcontractor that came in and didn’t do a good enough job with some tile work: some cuts weren’t straight, a section wasn’t even across an inset of the wall, a couple patches weren’t solid which would lead to cracks…and the schluter strip (a metal edge cover underneath the tile for a finished edge) wasn’t properly set.

This meant we had to pull the impacted tile, make repairs, replace the schluter strip, and re- mortar to ensure it was rock solid. Then we redid the tile. We fixed this all inhouse, so it added to the timeline but we got everything done RIGHT.

Bottom Line: Flexibility & Quality Control Are Critical

Whether we’re talking about new, updated or custom-made decking, Kitchen Remodeling, or basement remodeling, timelines can get pushed back. But, when that happens because your contractor is doing a thorough job and accommodating your family needs, that’s a plus!

The final inspection went really well, we worked through their list, and everything was picture perfect.

If you’re looking for more information, or you’re ready to finally tackle an important home remodeling project, don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact MBC Remodeling. We’re happy to take the time, listen carefully, and thoroughly answer your questions. Thanks so much for your time today and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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