How to Make Bathrooms Kid-friendly

bathroom and kitchen remodeling Lancaster County

Turn the bathroom into a kid-friendly space with bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Lancaster County. There are lots of extra touches that you can add to help children access bathroom features and stay safe, too.

Accessing the Sink

Make it easier for kids to wash up with a lower counter top so they can turn the faucet on and off. Another option is to install a pull-out step in the vanity’s bottom drawer. It works like a built-in cutting board in a kitchen cabinet, but is sturdy enough to hold a child’s weight and can be easily rolled out and back.

Bath Time

When kids take a bath, there’s a good chance that water will end up on the floor. With Bathroom and kitchen remodeling  in Lancaster County, you can help prevent them from slipping by using textured tiles. It’s a good idea to test the tile first before investing in a new tile floor, however.

You don’t have to settle for whatever fixtures came with the house. Smaller, lower, kid-size toilets are available, along with multi-hued toilet seats with built-in grips. Smaller, stand-alone tubs are another option. A non-slip step or two can easily be added, both inside and outside the tub, for easy entry and exit. You can also find faucets with anti-scald valves and install adjustable shower bars to help keep kids safe in the tub.

Little Hands

Add a little fun to the functionality by installing drawer pulls and knobs that children can easily grab and pull on. There are plenty of cute and colorful options to fit your bathroom. Take the fun a little further with towel rings and hooks for robes in the same theme.

Kid-themed bathrooms make it easy and fun for children to learn about hygiene and how to take care of themselves. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Lancaster County can benefit kids of all ages, and parents, too, by giving them better access to bathroom fixtures.

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