Make the Most of Extra Spaces

Home renovations Lancaster PA

People commonly think of home renovations in Lancaster, PA, in relation to big ticket items like kitchens and a new exterior facade. Savvy homeowners know that there are also smaller renovations that can pay off in big ways. By updating or repurposing certain small areas found in many homes, a home owner can add value, space and utility.

Bathroom Updates

Like a kitchen, a bathroom has a lot of potential for updates over time. Unlike a kitchen, a bathroom is often cheaper to improve upon. So long as you are not moving major plumbing pieces, then bathroom updates like new hardware, new paint and shelving are a great way to perform inexpensive home renovations in Lancaster, PA.

Nooks and Crannies

A lot of homes have small areas that seem to have little use such as beneath stairs or awkward corners at the end of hallways. Any of these places can become additional storage for small items. If you have some space near a back door, consider making it a catch-all for toys, grilling tools and other outdoor equipment. A nook under the stairs can be a good place for seasonal decorations.

Full and Partial Basements

Finishing a basement can be a huge undertaking, but it is not so bad if you take it in chunks. Consider taking an untouched basement and tackling just some of the preliminary projects. For example, if you will be dividing your basement into multiple rooms, consider getting up the frames and drywall but leaving molding, flooring and other finishing aspects for a later date.

Home renovations in Lancaster, PA, come in many sizes, both big and small. If you are trying to improve your home on a budget, consider some of these smaller changes. Bathrooms updates, space optimization and basement improvements are just some of the ways to get big results out of small changes.


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