Master Bedroom Makeover — Create Your Own Oasis With These Ideas

Your master bedroom should be a perfect oasis.

This should be the room out of all other rooms in which you feel most comfortable. It’s where you sleep in on the weekends and where you crash after a particularly long day. It’s where you rejuvenate yourself, where you can exist without any kind of pressure. If your master bedroom is too bland or too cramped, it could be time for a remodel. So how do you make the perfect, relaxing oasis out of your master bedroom? Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Soft Lighting

If you were designing, say, a home office, you’d want it to be as well lit as possible. The same is true for bathrooms and kitchens. However, your bedroom should not be a place of harsh, glaring light. You want soft light that relaxes you and soothes you. Often light fixtures in bedrooms will be slightly filtered or dim, stylized to create a more comfortable ambiance. You should also try to rely on natural lighting, windows that allow the sun to filter in softly. You’ll want to arrange the room so that if you have, say, a TV or desk with a laptop, the light from the window doesn’t cast a glare on the screens.

Color Psychology

As we discussed in our blog about home offices, there is a certain psychology to color. It’s a well-known fact that colors can affect your mood in different ways. If you’re going for a particular mood in your bedroom, the best way to tackle that is with color. Warm colors feel homey and cozy, while cool colors can be soothing for a stressed mind. Yellow can be a vibrant, exciting color, though some find it too harsh for their bedroom. Find what works for you. And remember that you shouldn’t just consider the color of the walls. Accent pieces, furniture, and bedding all have colors that play a role in the overall atmosphere of your room.


It’s important that your bed be as cozy as possible. That means different things to different people. Some like to sink into a soft mattress at the end of a long day and allow that to envelope them. Others need something firm to offer them back support. Some like to have a headboard while others don’t. Your bedding itself should be plush and comfortable, but layered enough that you can adjust your warmth from season to season. Some love weighted blankets when it comes to sleep, while others like to have an abundance of pillows. Again, it all depends on what works for you.Remodeling your bedroom? MBC Remodeling has 20 years of experience at our backs allowing us to help you create your own oasis in the master bedroom. Contact us todayfor more information or a free estimate.

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