Matt interviewed for Angie’s List Experts article!

Matt Blank of MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC in Lancaster County, PA was recently interviewed with two other remodeling contractors from around the nation for an Angie’s List Experts article on “What’s Trending With Bathroom Tile?”!

You can read the whole article below. Thank you to Staci Giordullo for the opportunity!

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What’s trending with bathroom tile?

Larger, neutral-colored tiles remain a popular choice for both bathroom floors and walls. (Photo courtesy of Angie’s List member Melissa B., of Euless, Texas)


A classic never goes out of style. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, tile is durable enough to withstand the environment, and diverse enough to fit into anyone’s design decor.

Here to explain why tile will always be trending in today’s bathrooms are three highly rated professionals: Cal Doyle, president of Budget Bathrooms in Phoenix; Matt Blank, marketing director for MBC Building & Remodeling in Millersville, Pennsylvania; and Madeline Pillow, marketing coordinator for Moss Building & Design in Chantilly, Virginia.

What’s the latest and greatest with tile?

Doyle: For floors, a growing trend is plank, wood-like porcelain tiles. When properly installed, these tiles have the look of real wood, without the risk of water damage inherent with natural wood. These are a great choice for baths.

Blank: The most popular tile continues to be ceramic. However, over the past two years, we’ve seen a steady rise in the use of luxury vinyl tiling for flooring. Larger tiles (12-by-12) seem to be the size most often selected. Colors are all over the map depending on individual tastes, but they remain neutral at their core. On average, the prices range from $4 to $10 a square foot.

Pillow: Large-format porcelain tile, using 12-by-24s on the floor and the same size, or smaller rectangular tiles, on the walls. Prices average $5 to $15 per square foot. Gray tones are also really big right now.

How do you clean tile?

Doyle: There are many good cleaning products on the market. Avoid those that are acidic and abrasive, which will quickly dull the surface, destroying the “wow” that you worked so hard to capture.

Blank: There are myriad cleaners on the market. Many experts recommend heating the tile up 10 degrees or so by running the shower very hot. Which can double the effectiveness of cleaners.

Pillow: Clean with a mild detergent and water. Use a rag instead of a sponge. Natural stone requires a little more care — avoid natural acidic cleaners such as vinegar solutions or lemon juice.

Why hire a professional for the installation?

Doyle: A specialized bath renovator knows how to build a bathroom correctly. The professional can advise on what gives the most “bang for the buck,” which can save thousands of dollars. Often, a person may think they’re saving money [DIY], but in the end discover they’ve done nothing but purchase problems and grief and an installation that must be torn out and rebuilt.

Blank: Experience. The average homeowner has most likely never tiled anything before. If the tiles aren’t installed correctly, they can easily crack. Which means more money to replace them. Also, leaks in showers can cause rotting, mold and plenty of issues that you may not be aware of until it’s too late.

Pillow: Improper installation can result in cracked or popping tiles. It’s important to know the details of leveling and proper installation to ensure that the tiles adhere to the surface. An experienced tile installer will have the necessary tools and skills to create a beautiful and long-lasting space.

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