Meet A Lancaster County Remodeler Who Truly Accommodates

If You Appreciate A Home Remodeler That’s Both Talented… AND
Accommodating, MBC Remodeling Is Your ‘Sure Thing’ Choice

How does a home remodeling company in our corner of the world, here in Lancaster County, PA, maintain a stellar 5-star reputation and stay in business for decades?

Consider that your typical fresh-faced contractor doesn’t make it five years on average.

Our Answer: Core Company Values

When we talk about our overall process from initial consultation and design to a newly remodeled space, it’s about FOCUS.

What aspect of the day-to-day do we focus on?

One important part for us at MBC Remodeling is accommodation.

  • We’re intent on being accommodating to your lifestyle.
  • We also want to LISTEN, and bring YOUR vision to life. 
  • We want to ensure your schedule is accommodated as well.

And sure, what contractor on the front end isn’t going to promise the moon and stars? They all do. So, how can you tell the difference between a simple platitude and the real thing?

Reviews and actual customer stories (or referrals). In other words: their Local Lancaster, PA Reputation.

We’d like to share one story with you today that demonstrates how far we take things and just how far backward we’re willing to bend to ensure each of our clients is ECSTATIC about choosing to work with us.

Example Project: We Staggered A Large Multi-Faceted Home Remodel To Accommodate A Big Busy Family

One local family hired us to do a major overhaul on their home, which included:

  • A complex Two-Story Addition
    • One addition bumped the back of the house out, creating a larger Master Bedroom for more living space upstairs. 

The other was atop the dining room that extended two bathrooms for a Master Bathroom Remodel as well as a new bathroom for the kids.

The issue was they needed to stay in the home, and it needed to stay operational for them for the most part. They couldn’t have their lives fully disrupted for weeks. And, needless to say, with busy parents and kids, scheduling was a huge consideration.

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So our focus needed to be on doing the rooms one at a time rather than getting everything completed all at once, which would have been a sizable interruption.

Remodeling is disruptive!

It’s invasive.

What Did We Do?

As mentioned, we approached the projects like a series of smaller projects. Like four in one. And we took plenty of time planning, preparing, and prepping to keep their lives on track while everything was being transformed around them.

Please keep in mind this isn’t something we can always do with every similar project (Learn more about Our Process). However, it’s not always necessary either.

Step by step, we bounced around and made their project’s schedule work for everyone involved.

At The End Of The Day: We’re Going To Find A Way

Maybe you’re gearing up to get a part of your Lancaster County, PA home remodeled, or perhaps you’re interested in adding new space. But, you’re concerned about the logistics involved and what the overall impacts on YOUR lifestyle will be.

Rest easy. You can reach out and Contact Us anytime and we’ll be glad to listen intently, then provide professional insight. If you need special accommodations, that’s okay, we’ll find a way!

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