Mistakes People Make When Refinishing The Basement

Basement renovations in Lancaster County are different than any other type of renovation project that you will ever do. Basement renovations have their own unique needs that are not common to other projects. Your basement is an entirely different environment than the rest of your home and requires special attention to ensure that your renovation turns out perfectly. There are some important areas of focus to discuss with your basement finishers in Lancaster County before you begin.

Mistake #1: Not Addressing Moisture Problems

Because basements are partially or fully underground and also made of concrete, they are going to be moisture-prone. If this issue is not addressed and the proper measures taken with each step of building, it can be disastrous. The buildup of moisture in insulation or under flooring can cause mold and mildew which can make your family sick and cost you thousands to repair.  Using moisture-resistant floorings such as tile or laminate will keep mold at bay. Never use standard fiberglass insulation but instead, foam insulation is a much better choice for moist, basement environments. If necessary, you can even install a dehumidifier.

Mistake #2: Not Enough Headroom

The ceilings in the rest of your home are going to be 8-9 feet or more but most basement ceilings already have ductwork, pipes, and a variety of other issues to deal with. You will want to hide all of this as best you can and it may be tempting to just lower the ceilings but there are other creative solutions that might work better for you. Dropping the ceiling height just over the pipes and leaving the rest taller can help.

Consider only covering the pipes and other unsightly areas and leaving the rest open. The overhead flooring joists can make an attractive and tall ceiling once the unattractive areas are covered. Using a thin ceiling covering and skipping the subfloor, if you can, can add those few inches that make all the difference.

Mistake #3: The Wrong Flooring

There is no “wrong” basement flooring and any flooring can work but you must be aware of moisture and make sure that it is dealt with first. There are some flooring options that work marvelously no matter what and some that are more prone to issues. Carpet and hardwood are more likely to mold if you have any moisture issues or leaks. Laminate is less likely to mold and tile is a wonderful basement flooring choice. For the ultimate in worry-free basement flooring, simply stain and seal the existing concrete. The results can be beautiful, low- maintenance, and moisture will not be an issue at all

Basement renovations are not your only option for adding space to your home, though. House additions in Lancaster County can be just as affordable in some cases. Both of these are excellent choices for giving your home extra space and adding value to it as well.

Expert Installation is Key

MCB Building and Remodeling does complete basement renovations in Lancaster County as well as house additions. Our expert basement finishers can ensure that you avoid mistakes when designing your basement renovation and our warranties give you the peace of mind you are looking for. With quality products and installation at an affordable price, we provide the best value for your money so give us a call today for your free consultation.

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