Most Popular Basement Remodeling Trends

Most Popular Basement Remodeling Trends
For Your Lancaster, PA Home

Add A Whole New Floor Of Living
Space To Your Home

Is your Lancaster, PA home feeling a little cramped? A basement remodel can open up a significant amount of floor space for you and your family. Whether you opt for a home office or a playroom for the kids, you’ll have more room to maneuver through the house.

With so many options available for designs and layouts, you might be wondering which way to go. Here’s a breakdown of the top trends and uses for a basement remodel.

Top Design Trends When Remodeling Your
Lancaster, PA Basement

Several design trends stand out when it comes to remodeling basements. To make the most of your space, consider these six ideas.

Open Concept

If your basement is divided into separate rooms, you can consider opening it up to create an open-concept floor plan. This will allow for the impression of a much larger space, and you can delineate different sections by placing specific pieces of furniture in strategic places. However, you’ll need some walls if you plan on having a guest room or bathroom.

Built-In Shelving

Shelving is always a great option to provide storage and a polished interior design. Built-in shelving can adapt to any design aesthetic and looks fantastic in any room. You can choose from many styles, adding the detail your room is missing. Additionally, it can be built around other features like a television or fireplace.

Natural Colors To Add A Softer Look

If you want to enhance the coziness of your basement without causing a dimming effect, consider colors like matte gray, sandy beige, granite pink, and sage green. You can also add a highlight to the room with a splash of vibrant color, but limit this to an accent wall or a piece of furniture – don’t spread it through the entire room to avoid straining the eyes.

Curved Walls

If you’re considering putting up a dividing wall in your basement, make it curved for the biggest statement. Additionally, a textured finish on a curved wall will be even more eye-catching.

Add Wooden Elements For A Natural Touch

Wooden elements can add to the coziness of your new basement. There has been an increasing trend toward mid-century modern furniture and exposed beams to add a stunning visual contrast to an otherwise dull ceiling. Reclaimed wood is an excellent option for more environmentally-friendly home renovations.

Take Advantage Of The Walls

The walls can affect the overall appearance of your basement. Using light or pale colors can boost the brightness of the room. The lighter the color, the more light will be reflected off the walls, making your basement seem brighter. The top trending colors for 2022 are subdued yellow, classic off-white, and pale pink.

If you want to be bold, you can opt for the textured look. Restoring a stone wall, adding textured wall panels, or covering a wall with wooden slats can create a stunning look that will stand out.

Top Uses For A Remodeled Basement

Various options are available when deciding what to do with your basement space. These are the top trending concepts to consider.

Build A Home Office

The working environment has changed significantly over the last few years, and many work from home. If you’re a remote worker, you need a dedicated workspace, and what’s better than a finished basement? Alternatively, you can create a place for the kids to do their homework or work on projects.

Set Up A Fitness Station

If you’re tripping over home workout equipment, now’s a good time to set up a home gym. Moving everything down into the basement is a great idea. You’ll have privacy, and your equipment won’t be in the way on the main floor of the house.

Perfect Storage Location

Many homeowners opt to use their basements as storage locations. To avoid the mistake of your basement becoming a catch-all where you can’t find anything, have enough storage options installed where you can neatly put everything away. With everything organized, you won’t have any problems finding holiday decorations each season.

Design A Personal Bar

Another great idea for a basement remodel is installing a private bar. When you have guests over, it offers the perfect place for gathering and entertaining. It can also be a place to unwind at the end of a long day at the office.

Create The Ultimate Kids’ Playroom

Do your kids have an unlimited amount of toys that are always underfoot? You could design them the ultimate playroom experience in your basement, keeping all their toys in one place and out of your way. Doing this will help keep the rest of the house neat and organized, and you can decorate the walls in fun, creative colors and designs.

Are You Ready To Remodel Your Lancaster, PA Home’s
Basement? Let The Pros Handle Everything

The basement is the next logical place to go when you need to expand your floorspace in your Lancaster, PA home. Rely on a professional basement remodeling contractor in Lancaster, PA to handle the job.

Here at MBC Remodeling, we will transform your basement into whatever you need it to be and back our work up with a 5-year warranty.

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