Most Valuable Home Additions In 2024

Four Room Additions That Will Transform
Your Home In East Petersburg, PA

These Room Additions Can Change The
Way You Use Your Home Every Day

When considering a new room addition in East Petersburg, PA, there are many different options to explore. A room addition can open up many new possibilities with how you can use your home.

No matter which remodel you choose, you’ll want an experienced team backing you. That’s where MBC Remodeling comes in.

Our team of contractors has over 60 years of experience in room additions. When you choose us, you choose a team that will consistently deliver the utmost quality.

Growing Families In East Petersburg, PA
Will Appreciate A New Room Addition

Your Lancaster County family might be growing, but your house doesn’t grow along with it. And a new room addition could be a wonderful asset to help your family grow comfortably.

You might want a new bedroom for your children. Or an upgraded master bedroom to make life for you and your spouse a bit easier. In cases like these, you can’t go wrong with a new bedroom addition.

Storage can also become an issue as your family gets bigger. Storage unit rentals can be expensive, especially if used long-term. A new storage room can help save you money in the long run. Plus, it’s much more convenient than a storage rental!

An Additional Bathroom Addition
Can Be A Game-Changer

Maybe you’ve just moved into your new dream home, but you find yourself needing to make a few compromises. You might be living with just a single bathroom. While this wasn’t a deal-breaker initially, it’s become obvious that you and your family need a second bathroom.

A new bathroom addition can be a luxury, if not a necessity, for many families. It can be a small half-bathroom or even a full-scale master bathroom addition. There are many possibilities when you work with our team.

MBC Remodeling will work with you from start to finish to build a beautiful new bathroom for your East Petersburg, PA home.

Working From Home In East Petersburg, PA?
A New Home Office Is A No-Brainer!

With work-from-home opportunities becoming increasingly more common, you might have found yourself having a hard time adjusting to your new work space. After all, it can be hard to be productive without a proper home office.

If you’re working from home, especially with children, your environment can be a bit distracting. You might not currently have a quiet place for calls or meetings.

Luckily, a new room addition can help. No longer will you be stuck working in your living room or at your dining room table. A brand-new office space will give you a quiet, productive place to work.

A New Room Addition Can Help Save You
Money On Expensive Gym Memberships

Maybe you have plenty of bedrooms, a home office, and enough bathrooms for your entire family. But you’d like to enjoy the benefits of going to the gym without spending money on transportation or gym memberships.

After all, traveling to and from the gym can be time-consuming if there isn’t one nearby. Gym memberships can cost hundreds of dollars – or more – each year.

Happily, the MBC Remodeling team can help. We can create almost anything you can imagine. Whether you want a large, full-scale home gym or just a nice, quiet place to enjoy some evening cardio, we can help.

Need Reliable Room Additions In East Petersburg, PA?
Call MBC Remodeling Today For Expert Service!

No matter what kind of room addition you’re planning for your home, you’ll want an experienced team behind you. You might have talked to dozens of local contractors who promise the lowest price. But few can match the quality of MBC Remodeling.

We’ve been one of East Petersburg, PA’s go-to home remodeling teams for decades. And we’ve been able to help many families fully realize all of their home remodeling dreams.

“Okay” and “good enough” don’t fit into our vocabulary. When you work with us, you can expect excellence. If you’ve been looking for a room additions team, we’ve got you covered.

Please reach out to us at (717) 371-5136 today or visit our site to schedule a quote.

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