Mudroom Ideas For a Clutter Free Home

Keep your home clean and neat with a mudroom off the entryway.

Mudrooms are an excellent way to keep your home free of clutter and dirt, especially if you have a big family or pets. Mudrooms are typically off the entryway or kitchen. It’s a place for residents or guests to take off their shoes, hats, jackets, and gloves before entering the rest of the home, keeping mud and dirt from being tracked inside. If you have a rambunctious puppy coming in from a muddy day outside, a mudroom is a good place to clean them up before heading back into the living room.

But there’s no one way to do a mudroom. Here are a few ideas to keep your home clutter free and have a mudroom that you feel great about.

Storage Is Key

The most important element of your mudroom is storage. After all, your mudroom will probably soon become full of outerwear, scarves, hats, and boots. You need organized storage or your room designed to keep clutter out of your home is sure to become cluttered itself. Shelves or cubbies are perfect for putting up your boots, while heavy coats that come out only in the coldest days of winter can go in a closed cabinet. Have a big family? Consider having a basket for everyone — labeled, of course, so that they know exactly where to find and deposit their things.

Don’t Skimp on Style

You probably won’t spend a lot of time in your mudroom, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be without style. After all, any room in your home that fits your design preferences will make you feel better just walking into it. Consider a rustic design or English cottage for your mudroom, with hardy design elements that aren’t likely to be lessened by a little dirt tracked in. If you have kids, maybe you can go for something more fun. Chalkboard wall panels add a creative look to the space and also help with organization, as you can label different sections of your mudroom. Don’t be afraid to add color, either.

Combine With Laundry Area

Are you a little tight on space? No problem. Consider converting your laundry room so that it also functions as a mudroom. This can be especially convenient, because if you’ve come in after a messy day outside, you can wash your sports jerseys, muddy jackets, or whatever else might need a run through the laundry right there before heading into the rest of the home. This is one of the most popular combination options when it comes to creating a mudroom in your home. Need help getting a mudroom set up in your home? MBC Remodeling can offer room additions or other remodeling projects to give you the space you need to keep your home clutter free. Contact us today for more information or to set up a free consultation.

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