New, Used and Unusual Flooring Ideas!

We install a ton of different types of flooring here in Lancaster County, PA, and we see a lot of styles come and go. So here’s what we think you’ll see trending over the next 12-24 months!

Here ‘s What’s Will Be Hot in the World of Lancaster County Flooring for 2013:

Antique French Limestone for indoors and outdoors.

Antique Limestone Floor

This versatile product looks great with contemporary elements, like stainless steel.

Linoleum is a natural product, which has been made new again by use of bright, bold colors. Have it installed in a patterned or striped motif to add a splash of happy or to spotlight an area, such as an entryway.

Traditional porcelain or ceramic tiles are durable and easy to clean. Installation can be customized in a pattern to flatter your space and reflect your personality.

Bamboo is particularly sturdy, as it is harder than traditional hardwood flooring.

Bamboo Floor


Made from natural resources, it’s eco-friendly and available in several color options.

Leather tiles are long strip-like planks that add a rugged richness and depth to a space. Leather will scratch easily, but after a couple of months, it patterns nicely.

Reclaimed wood, such as barn wood, old school gym floors and old fencing can be customized and uniquely assembled to reflect your style.

Concrete is a great indoor and outdoor option that can be stained, stamped or polished to add a rustic element to your home.

Aluminum delivers a wow factor and adds visual depth and a shimmering flare. It is easily maintained and durable for those high traffic spaces.

Rubber is growing in popularity for it’s unique appearance and thermal quality. It’s cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and provides a padded safety feature for young children.

Cork is another safety-rich product that has an unmistakable, attractive look. It’s affordability and soundproof qualities make it an appealing option.

>>For an unexpected and delightfully unusual look, non-traditional elements are becoming increasingly popular.

Brick paver floors add a timeless sense of beauty and charm with a character all their own.

Susquehanna and other River rock, warn smooth from rushing water, adds and organic, serene touch to bathrooms, patios and edging between flooring types; such as hardwood and ceramic tiles.

White River Rock Floor


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