Plan Ahead to Get the Most From Your Garage Addition

One of the most popular home improvements is a garage addition in Lancaster County. Whether you need storage room, want more interior space or a place to park your car, a garage is a useful improvement that adds value to your house. With some foresight, you can make room in your plan for some inexpensive upgrades that pay off in the long run.

Add Some Windows

Windows add natural light and make a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal. If you have a workbench in the garage, you’ll welcome the extra light. Plus, if you decide later to convert the garage into a room, it will be that much easier.

Use All the Room

Switch out standard trusses for storage trusses, and you’ll be able to use that extra attic space for storage. Or, for an additional cost, opt for attic trusses, which will give you the structure and strength you need to use the space as an attic or bonus room.

Workshop Space

How big an area do you have for a garage addition in Lancaster County? If you can add four or more feet to the width, you’ll have enough room for storage shelves or cabinets on the side. If you want a spot for a workbench, try adding a few feet to the length, or carve out room for a nook on the side.

Garage Doors

Along with the main garage door, an attached garage will need a door into the house. Consider adding a third door that leads outside to the backyard or side of the home. You’ll appreciate it when you’re doing yard work and need to roll the lawn mower in and out or grab the hedge clippers.

Give your family some elbow room when you de-clutter the house and move less-used items to your new garage addition in Lancaster County. MBC Building and Remodeling can help you plan for all your needs and give you room for your wants too. Call us at (717) 371-5136 for a free consultation.

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