Raise the Roof – Expanding Your Home Upward

It can happen to anyone – situations change and the number of people who are going to be living in your home has expanded. Whether this new arrangement is long-term or just for a few years, needing to add more space to your home is probably inevitable.

We know everyone who lives in Lancaster County doesn’t have the privilege of being able to expand their home any way they want. Sometimes the setback line on your property is too close to be able to add a new room of any significant space. Or perhaps your property is uneven, so much so that expanding your home into that new land wouldn’t be cost-effective. Just because you may be limited in the traditional way of putting an addition onto your house doesn’t mean you are completely out of luck. In fact, there is a lot of available space in which to extend your house – but maybe not in the way you thought.

Going Up?

While maybe not the most expected avenue of putting an addition onto your house, expanding your home by adding another floor is not an idea that is completely unheard of. In fact, many homes in Lancaster County that are limited on space choose to expand vertically instead of horizontally. There are many benefits to a vertical expansion that are not found with a traditional horizontal addition.


The best part about a vertical expansion is the amount of flexibility this type of construction can give you. By expanding upward, you have a greater choice in how big you want the expansion to be. You can decide to add a whole new floor to your home, or just add a single room.

Adding a new floor (or room) also gives you a lot of freedom in the design of the expansion. Many times when designing an addition, you may find yourself limited by the rooms that already exist. For example, it might not make the most sense to create a dining room on the opposite end of the house as the kitchen, or a new bedroom behind the laundry room. By building on a new level, you will not be restricted by a pre-existing room structure. You will be able to have total creative freedom, choosing which room goes where.

Simplified Process

Deciding to expand upward will also make the construction process a little easier. If your addition included a bathroom, for example, placing the new bathroom directly above (or as close as possible) an already-existing bathroom will make running plumbing easier. As the waterline already exists in that area of the house, simply extending the pipes is a much easier process than running brand new lines. This will save you time and money overall.

Having the construction take place above you will also keep a lot of the dust and debris out of your day-to-day life. Not having to break through existing walls will reduce the amount of drywall dust that can form and get settle on items in your house. With the majority of the construction happening outside your home, you will also limit the interruptions to you and your family’s life by construction workers entering your home.

Getting Started

Even if your property is small, you are still able to put an addition onto your house. Whether you are looking to simply add a new room over the garage or you want a whole new level, we are ready to help you make your vision a reality. To get started, don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out our easy online form or by calling us at (717) 371-5136 for your free consultation.

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