Red Flags to Watch Out For In a Home Remodeler

To find a home remodeler you can trust, it’s important to know what not to trust.

No homeowner wants to make the decision of choosing a home remodeler lightly. It takes quite a bit of trust to allow someone into your home, not just to move through it but to work on it — potentially taking down walls or swapping out old surfaces for new ones. But to know what to look for in a trustworthy home remodeler, it’s first important to know what not to trust. Here are a few red flags that homeowners often look out for.

Unresponsive Remodelers

How are you supposed to work with someone that you can’t reach when you need them? Sometimes you can catch this one early — in the process of forming your list of home remodelers. Chances are when you narrow it down to the list of remodelers you’d like to consult with, you’ll call the number on their website or send an email. If they don’t answer right away, it could simply be a busy time of day. But if days pass, or if you repeatedly call to no answer, that doesn’t bode well for the future of your working relationship with them. Best to move on to remodelers who are more available to take your call.

“In the Right Place At the Right Time”

Most home remodeler red flags typically indicate a home remodeler that’s legitimate, but maybe not the best choice for your home. However, there are scammers who will imitate home remodeling contractors, and you should be wary of these, as well. Often, these contractors will come to you rather than the other way around, saying that they just “happened to be in the neighborhood” and noticed something wrong with the structure of your home. They’ll make it sound urgent, of course, but they’re likely to take your money and run. In the worst case, this may be part of a scam in which the door-to-door home remodeler distracts you while their partner breaks into your home and robs you.

High Pressure Sales Tactics

So  you reach out to a home remodeler and talk to them about what you want done in your home. You get an estimate for the work, and then as you’re about to take time to think about it, they let you know that the estimate they’re offering is a “limited time offer” only available if you sign with them now. The number if you take time to decide is, of course, much higher. This is a way of pressuring homeowners out of looking any further, and almost never leads to a comfortable decision. The right home remodeler will be confident in their work and understanding that homeowners may need to look at a few contractors before choosing the one that’s right for them.At MBC Remodeling, we’re confident in our 20 years of experience and reputation for excellence. Contact us today for more information about what we can do for your home or for a free consultation.

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