Remodeling Before and After

Everyone loves a transformation. Cinderella being transformed from a servant in rags to a glamorous partygoer. Makeover scenes, even renovation reality TV shows. They instill us with confidence that things we thought were impossible are not so far out of reach. In remodeling, the in-between stages can be messy and discouraging. It’s helpful to know that every project comes out of that. Here are some of our favorite before and after transformations.

Bathroom Remodel in Strasburg, PA

One of the biggest reasons to remodel is to modernize a space. This particular bathroom in Strasburg, PA had begun to feel outdated in terms of furnishings, layout, and flooring.

Bathroom Remodel Before 1 Bathroom Remodel Before 2

It looks like a cluttered, uncomfortable space in the beginning, but no bathroom is beyond modernization, and by the end of the project, it looked like a new space altogether. We swapped out the carpeting for black and white ceramic tile — much lower maintenance and perfect for bathrooms than carpet, found a more minimalist vanity, and added an alcove walk-in shower to complete the look.

Bathroom Remodel After 2Bathroom Remodel After 1

Kitchen Remodel Near Landisville, PA

Natural wood kitchen furnishings were very popular decades ago. Wood kitchen cabinets and drawers, wood counters with white countertops, and so on, could warm the space. Now, however, homeowners often prefer a more open, airy look to their kitchens. It helps to have as much lighting as possible for food prep and cooking, and a lighter kitchen looks cleaner. This is a common update and it’s just what we did with the Landisville kitchen that started out with this look.

In the remodel, we swapped the natural wood look out for white cabinets and drawers complimented by quartz countertops, but left the natural hardwood floor for that touch of warmth. We also updated the oven and stove and added more modern lighting fixtures and opened up the space, adding to the galley kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Before
Kitchen Remodel After

Want to see more before-and-after examples of the work we do at MBC Remodeling? Check out our page at Houzz. In the midst of a hectic remodel, it’s important to keep in mind the vision you have for the space and the hope that the right remodeling company will be able to bring that about.

Need help getting to your after? Contact MBC Remodeling today for more information or to set up a free consultation.

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