Remodeling Your Kitchen For Resale

There are a number of reasons to embark on a kitchen remodeling project. It might be a change in your family’s needs, or your own cooking or food prep preferences. But one reason that many homeowners choose for kitchen remodeling is to boost their resale value. Homebuyers look for a good kitchen, one they can envision themselves cooking in, and they’re often willing to pay competitive list prices for their dream kitchen. Thinking about remodeling your kitchen for resale? Here’s what you need to know:

Updated Appliances

If you plan to remodel your kitchen for resale value, one of the first things to consider is appliances. Homebuyers are always looking for kitchens with modern appliances. Smart appliances, such as motion activated sinks or smart refrigerators, are always popular options. An energy efficient dishwasher or an electric stove that senses the size of the pot so as to heat only as much as is needed might also be a good option. Don’t be afraid to put most of your kitchen remodeling budget into new appliances, as these are the things homebuyers will truly appreciate.

Use Neutral Colors

If you’re remodeling your kitchen for resale value, keep in mind that you’re not remodeling it for your own use. Of course, it’s great if your kitchen is something you like to look at, but ultimately you want to be sure that potential homebuyers will like the look of it. That’s why it’s best to stick to neutral colors and trendy backsplashes when kitchen remodeling for resale purposes. Neutral colors don’t have to be boring, of course, but stay away from anything too bold or specific to your own tastes in favor of something that suits everyone’s tastes.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Maybe you don’t have the budget you’d like when it comes to kitchen remodeling, but you’d still like to do what you can to boost your resale value. If that’s the case, forego the big kitchen remodeling projects in favor of a fresh coat of paint. New paint can help your kitchen to look fresh, to stand out, and might even change your perspective on the place. Lighter colors will make your kitchen look more open and airy, especially if you have a smaller space. Yellows are cheerful and homey, while blues will be more tranquil and cool.

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