Renovation Tricks To Make Your Space Feel Bigger

Sometimes, home additions in Lancaster County are needed to add rooms and much needed square footage to your home. You can maximize the feeling of your new space to make it feel even bigger by choosing clever renovation designs. Even if you are not adding square footage to your home but are redesigning the space that you have to be more useful, a few simple tricks during renovation can make your existing space feel open and large.

French Doors

French doors have one of the most amazing and unique qualities for adding a feeling of openness and space to any room. They are great for two reasons. First of all, the tall, vertical glass draws your eye to the endless outdoors immediately enlarging the feeling of the space. But the really special characteristic that French doors provide is that they actually do expand the space because both doors can be opened up creating a connection with the outdoor space that extends the room itself. French doors are not just a huge benefit on exterior walls, though. Using French doors in place of solid doors in the rooms in your home allow for some room division without closing up the space. They can be used in large doorways, in your master suite, and are very popular for dining rooms.

Open Concept Design

When designing your house renovation in Lancaster County, you might find that you gain just as much space by taking something away as you do with adding something on. Often, a space that feels small and closed-in will dramatically change to appear large and roomy just by removing a wall or two. Turning two smaller rooms into one open room can create a pleasant flow and a better use of space.

All White

Color can greatly affect the feel of the size of a room. Dark colors do not reflect light causing a room to feel cramped and small when it actually may have adequate space. A room makeover may be the key. All white rooms look and feel larger, especially with good lighting. White flooring, walls, and furnishings will give your room the illusion of space and airiness. Whether your house renovation in Lancaster County is a kitchen, family room, bedroom, or bathroom remodel, don’t hesitate to “think white”.


Again, if a room doesn’t have enough light it is going to feel small and crowded even if it isn’t. The addition of some aptly-placed windows in your design will open up your space. Windows also come with the added benefit of a view of the outdoors which will also enlarge your space. Tall windows or windows without grids are going to be the best choices for the purpose of enlarging and opening up a space.

Whether you choose home additions or choose to rework your space with house renovations in Lancaster County, MBC Building & Remodeling can help. From the simplest renovations such as adding new windows or doors to complete home remodeling, we can help you decide what the best use of your space is. We see the potential in every home and we will transform your home into all that it can truly be. Give us a call today.

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