Room Addition Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of

9 Room Additions You Never Thought Of For
Your Lancaster, PA, Home

Be The Talk Of The Neighborhood With
These Extra Living Space Ideas

Does your Lancaster, PA, home have the space to add a new room? If so, have you ever given any thought to building something that is not considered a common type of addition? We’re not talking about an extra bedroom or two – we’re talking about rooms that will create a unique space in your home.

As your family expands and your needs change, adding extra space can be a great way to make your home work better for you. But most homeowners already have the basic amenities they need to accommodate the family. So why not consider these nine unique room additions that you may have never thought of?

For those who want to do something out of the ordinary, we have nine room additions you may want to consider for your Lancaster, PA, home!

Spa Room

While many would argue that a spa room is just a luxury bathroom, they would be wrong. A spa room is so much more than a bathroom. It can include elements like:

  • Steam showers
  • Massage tables
  • Hot tub
  • Meditation center

It will be the main room where you can relax once it is built.

Music Room

Do you or someone in your family play an instrument? If so, a music room will be a great addition to your home.

A music room will allow anyone who plays to perform in peace, and if you soundproof the room right, it will not affect any other family members in the home either. Consider building the room with sound acoustics in mind and in a size that will accommodate the largest instrument you or your family plays.


Not everyone has a conservatory, but chances are you have heard the phrase in the game of “Clue.” If you have a green thumb, a conservatory or greenhouse is a perfect addition that allows you to practice your craft throughout the year.

When appropriately built, conservatories will allow plants to flourish throughout the year, despite the outside temperature. Made primarily of glass, the room’s construction is the key to ensuring you can enjoy it throughout the year — despite colder Lancaster, PA, weather.

Game Room

You may have a gaming system in your bedroom or living room, and you may have a pool table in the garage or basement. Adding a game room to your home will allow you to put all the games in one place, making it the must-be place for everyone who enters your home!

Make the room large enough to fit pool tables, pinball machines, or the like while ensuring comfortable seating for those using the gaming systems. Many people even put computer systems in the gaming room to allow for PC gameplay.


Are you tired of people tracking mud and dirt throughout your house? Then a mudroom may be just what you need.

A mudroom is designed to be the first place people enter to remove their shoes, hang bags, coats, and the like. Many people place a mudroom at the front of their house, while others prefer the room on the side of their home where family members enter.

Hearth Room

A hearth room is a living space with the focal point being a fireplace. It is the perfect room addition for Lancaster, PA, homes that want a traditional fireplace or a new place for the entire family to gather.

This room can be a little small, but it does need to accommodate comfortable furniture that will surround the fireplace. The key to a hearth room is to keep technology out. It is meant to be a room to relax in and enjoy the basics of life – a good book, a roaring fire, and silence!

In-Law Suite

While some people have in-law suites that are not attached to their homes, for those who want to allow guests to have some privacy yet still be a part of their home, an in-law suite attached to the house is the perfect solution.

With an in-law suite, you are going to want to have a bedroom space, as well as a bathroom attached. You can make the bedroom space large enough to house a television and other entertainment, so whoever stays there feels comfortable.


Unlike a conservatory, a sunroom will contain some glass and blend into your house even better. When appropriately designed, the sunroom can be an excellent place for reading or just enjoying the view of the seasons from a window seat!

To make yourself more comfortable with your sunroom, you should build this onto the side of your home that does not have close neighbors. In doing so, you may feel like you have more privacy.

You can make the sunroom even better by opening it onto a new deck you can enjoy during the spring and summer. This combination could change up your entire backyard for the better!

Breakfast Nook

Why not add a breakfast nook if you have space near your kitchen? The room is usually a little small, as it is meant to be a comfortable and cozy place to have breakfast, lunch, or even tea in the afternoon.

The breakfast nook will often have windows surrounding it to help bring in the natural light; it can be a fantastic addition to your Lancaster, PA, home.

Free Quotes For Your Lancaster, PA, Home Addition

If you are serious about making the most of your Lancaster, PA, space and adding a new room to your home, we have you covered! Here at MBC Remodeling, we offer free quotes on any room addition you want, and we can help you decide what will work best in your space.

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