Room Additions For The Multi-Generational Household

Easy Room Addition Ideas for Your Multigenerational Household

A lot has changed in our world lately and there has been a shift in how families are now living all under one roof. Some of these changes have come about because of the pandemic, but others are because we are adding loved ones to our home to take care of them. Many families had already had three generations under one roof, but this is now changing and we are seeing four generations. So, why should you add a room for a multi-generational household? MBC Remodeling can help our homeowners to understand why it’s important to invest in a room addition and why it can be a great choice for your family.

Ways to Make Living Easy In A Multigenerational Household

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners add a room to their home is because it is expanding. You want to be able to still have your privacy as a homeowner and a family, but you are just adding to it. So, let’s look at some reasons for room additions:


Adding to a household can be quite difficult if your family is not used to it. So, homeowners want to address the privacy issue before it even becomes an issue. Having a home of your own is an achievement and creating a space that is important to your family is a labor of love. But, you want to ensure that you maintain your level of privacy and also create privacy for the family members you are adding to your home. Adding a room can be a great solution for all parties involved, and if you are moving a couple into this room, it creates togetherness for them. If you have a very open floor plan in your house, this need for privacy will be even greater, so adding certain designs such as pocket doors, heavy drapes, and anything to separate the space from the rest of the house can be very helpful.

A Decrease in Noise

Some families choose to convert spaces such as garage areas or porches and this can be a wonderful way to create a new space in your home. You want to make sure that the area is safe and accessible and it is done correctly with weatherproofing, correct construction, and access to utilities and electrical. Now, remodeling is a great idea, but you may already need the space in question, so a room addition can be a better choice. Suppose you have a growing family that includes teenagers. In that case, they may want to have a space of their own that is farther away from the family, so adding a room that will give them the privacy they need and the ability to be louder than the rest of the family, can benefit the entire household.

Specific Needs For Certain Family Members

Perhaps someone in your family needs some assistance with their living arrangements. Whether this includes having a safer space with specially-designed doorways and entrances, or a wheelchair-accessible space for ease of movement, it’s a wonderful idea to create a room addition for this individual. Perhaps your parents are moving into your home and you are creating a room addition; it’s important to ensure that they are safe if the room addition is on the other side of the house. Assessing their needs, addressing your comfort level, and focusing on size and accessibility are good factors to address.

Multi-generational households will continue to grow over the coming years, so you are actually also increasing your resale value on your home when you do a room addition project. More and more homebuyers have been looking for these types of homes lately and the trends project that this will continue to increase. Adding a room also allows you to stay in your home and not have to move to a bigger space and take your entire family and all of your belongings there.

You want to ensure that the company completing your room addition is an expert in the field.  MBC Remodeling has licensed professionals and experts in home remodeling and we offer our education, our experience, and even financing to help you through the process.  Our reputation is well-known in the area and we take pride in all of our home remodeling projects.

Are you ready to start your room addition for your multi-generational household?    If you’re in or directly around the Lancaster, PA area, feel free to contact us with any questions you have and we are more than happy to walk you through the process.

Take a look at our gallery for some visual inspiration for your room addition. This is a great time to get started and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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