See Why With MBC Remodeling, Peace Of Mind Is Guaranteed

Discover How Our Attention To Detail & Approach To Custom
Remodeling Projects GUARANTEES Your Peace Of Mind

When you choose MBC Remodeling to work with you transforming your home or residential property, you get to enjoy true honest-to-goodness & not-just-a-platitude peace of mind.

But why?

“What separates us from the endless everyday contractors out there who promise peace of mind and impeccable results?”

That’s a great question; one we love answering because it gives us a rare opportunity to toot our own horn so to speak (Learn More About Our Local Reputation).

First of all, we’re an award-winning remodeler here in Lancaster County, PA. And we won those awards by thinking of EVERYTHING before each project begins.

We don’t rush any step in our process.

We take the time to truly understand the finer details.

We prudently plan, prepare, and prep so no stone is left unturned before beginning demolition or swinging hammers.

This is critical when you’re focused on ONLY custom work. No refinishing. No re-facing. No refitting. For example, we only do custom Bathroom Remodeling. We’re NOT the kind of contractor who is going to simply toss a new liner over your tub or do a few minor cosmetic upgrades.

We’re going to help you reimagine and transform the space.

More Examples: Our Fair Pricing & Rock-Solid 5-Year Guarantee

If you’re like most homeowners, as you initially approach the prospect of remodeling your home and investing in your lifestyle, you tend to dream big. And that’s great, but it’s our job to take your vision, your tastes, and your preferences, and make them accommodate your BUDGET.

We’re going to help you work that budget out, then, we’re going to strictly adhere to it. This is where our attention to the detail mixes with our method of providing estimates.

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You’re not going to get a crude piece of paper with some scribbled numbers on it. And you aren’t going to get some pre-scripted budget either. Our estimates are specific roadmaps that include all materials, all product choices, fixture selections, etc. etc.

We’re talking about sometimes a 10-page printout where each component is looked at under a microscope and projected into the final design.

No surprises. No gimmicks. No vaugeries. No general outlines. No unexpected delays. This way you know PRECISELY what you’re going to get and how much value you’re getting per remodeling dollar.

Bottom Line: Our Workmanship Warranty & Internal Inspections Help You Rest Easy

MBC Remodeling isn’t the kind of contractor that tells local homeowners that we’re done, and then lets them walk into their home or remodeled space and notice an issue…

Instead, the workmanship is both immaculate (literally flawless) and we guarantee it for 5 years. When you consider the industry average is 1, you can see why we’re such sticklers for the details. We need to be!

Another part of Our Remodeling Process that ensures great results are our internal inspections (in conjunction with walkthroughs with our customers).

“We have a 5-to-10-page internal inspection list for our projects that make sure we come through on every promise and we don’t miss… ANYTHING.”

All the boxes must be checked before we hand over the keys.

  • We’re going to triple-check the corners where trim meets.
  • We’re going to triple-check our caulking and sealing.
  • We’re going to triple-check every grout line.
  • We’re going to triple-check all the painting work and look for bubbles, spots, or splashes.
  • We’re going to triple-check for all the little things that don’t readily stick out at first or second glance.

We’re going to see to it that framing doesn’t just meet coding requirements, but staves off any future headaches down the road.

In Conclusion: MBC Remodeling Is The Right Choice For Peace-Of-Mind Remodeling

Getting ready to remodel your Lancaster County, PA home? Looking for a seasoned contractor with a polished and perfected process? A family-run company that goes back in the area decades?

Then Contact MBC Remodeling today and share your goals with us. Share your vision. Once we know we’re the right fit for your needs, we’ll guarantee your peace of mind. Thanks for your time today, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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