Senior Friendly Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Your kitchen should suit your life now.

Your kitchen is one of the most commonly used spaces in your home. It’s more than just where you prepare your food. It’s where you socialize, where you have a drawer of assorted and often forgotten knickknacks, where you watch your kids play outside through the window over the sink. It’s a part of your daily life, and it should grow as you do. Maybe you plan to stay in your home as you age, or maybe your senior in-laws are planning to move in soon. Your kitchen should be easy to use for everyone in the home, including seniors. Here are a few remodel ideas to make your kitchen senior friendly.

Ground Floor

This seems to go without saying. In fact, it’s hard to remember the last time we saw a home with a kitchen that was on a higher floor, although occasionally the kitchen can be found in the basement. But as people age, it becomes more and more essential to have all the things they need on the ground floor. Arthritis, fibromyalgia, or mobility issues can make regular use of the stairs difficult. On the off-chance that your kitchen isn’t on the ground floor, it may be a good time to move it.

Rounded Edges

This may seem like a small change, but it can make a big difference to seniors. Bumping your elbows, knees, or hips on sharp counter or cabinet edges always hurts, but as you get older, that pain lasts longer and bruises come more easily. Bumping up against a round corner offers a more gentle impact, making the kitchen easier to use as a whole. 

Better Lighting

If seniors are going to use your kitchen with regularity, then good lighting is absolutely crucial. Harsh lighting can strain the eyes while a lack of good lighting can potentially lead to accidents. Replace lightbulbs with LED bulbs that offer full but gentle lighting, as well as plenty of task lighting over any potential workstations. It’s a good idea here to also install easy-to-use light-switches.

Adjust Heights

Constant bending and straining can take its toll on seniors who use the kitchen regularly. If you have a dishwasher, consider raising it a few inches so that seniors won’t have to bend down too far in loading and unloading. Adjusting the height of your sink can also make the kitchen a little more senior friendly. In some cases, you may need to lower elements of your kitchen — such as lower cabinets that are easier to reach.Need help with the perfect senior friendly kitchen remodel? Contact MBC Remodeling today for more information or a free consultation.

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