Small Bathroom Remodels with Big Results

When you renovate a bathroom in Lancaster County, you don’t always need to gut the room to dramatically change the room’s look. Small improvements can help restore the style and function of your bathroom.

Replace Your Fixtures and Hardware

Your first priority, of course, should be elements of the bathroom that no longer work or are damaging your home in some way. That leaky toilet has got to go! Replacing old, unsightly sinks, toilets and accent hardware throughout the room can improve the look of your bathroom fast.

Modern, high-efficiency toilets can reduce your water costs and are better for the environment. Upgrading to a more dramatic vessel sink adds style and class. Replacing dingy, dated hardware just makes you feel better about the room overall.

Use a Pocket Door to Increase Space, Privacy and Light

If your toilet is in a smaller, separate room from your bath, you can open up your entire bathroom space by choosing a pocket door. Lancaster bathroom remodeling experts can evaluate your walls and make the necessary adjustments to exchange your old hinged door for a modern pocket door. They can also construct walls to enclose the toilet. Separating out a “water closet” adds privacy and comfort when multiple people are using the bathroom space. Bathroom pocket doors can include privacy glass so that additional natural light still flows easily between the rooms.

Add a New Vanity

Even when much of the bathroom remains the same, a new vanity can make a big difference. Vanities add storage options and a work surface. Design your new vanity based on your storage needs. Consider your storage options both above and below the level of the sink. Don’t be afraid to choose a new lighting style for above the sink. Vanities allow lots of customization options, and a vanity change doesn’t require a significant disruption in your use of the bathroom. Renovate your bathroom in Lancaster County by taking small steps at a time, and you will gradually reveal the room you’ve always wanted.

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